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Which celebrity would you let babysit?

Imagine this… you need a nanny or babysitter and you get to pick from a pool of major celebrities! Who would you pick to watch your kids? Here are our top picks and why we’d happily let them change our newborn’s diaper, make lunch for our kiddos and sing our little ones to sleep. Now, the question is, do we still have to pay them?

Carrie Underwood

With her sweet disposition and oh so Southern ways, we would jump at the chance to have Carrie Underwood babysit our kids! Even though she and husband Mike Fisher don’t have children of their own yet (maybe soon?), we’re certain that Carrie would be prime babysitter material and can imagine that our kids would pick up a “Yes, ma’am,” here or there while they were in her care. A mom can only dream!

Lady Gaga

Stick with us for a minute on this one, OK? Yes, you may come home to your children wearing outfits made of tinfoil, random kitchen appliances and every DVD in your closet, but we’re certain that if you had Lady Gaga babysit your kids, you’d also come home to children who had a boost in self-confidence. Lady Gaga’s steadfast mission to make every child feel like they can be themselves puts her at the top of our celebrity babysitter wishlist.

Katie Holmes

It wasn’t long ago that Katie Holmes could have been on our list of celebrities that we would not let babysit our kids, but since her split from husband, Tom Cruise, all in the name of doing what’s best for her daughter, Suri, we’d happily let Katie watch our children. Any mom, celebrity or not, who puts what’s best for her kids above all else makes her golden in our books — we’d even let her bring Suri along while she worked!

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Sally Field

If you’re looking for a grandmother-like babysitter for your children, look no further than celebrity Sally Field. Not only will she have fun stories that will have your kids’ eyes wide with delight and wonder, but we love Sally’s no-nonsense style, meaning that we’ll come home to toys put away properly and kids with their teeth brushed and pajamas on. Plus, Sally Field is playing Aunt May in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, scoring her instant points with your superhero-obsessed son.

Brad Pitt

Get your mind out of the gutter! We don’t want Brad Pitt to babysit our kids because he’s gorgeous. Well, that’s not the only reason, at least! As the dad to six children, Brad would make the perfect live-in nanny, er, babysitter. There’s no doubt that he knows his way around being a dad and we’re pretty sure that he has fun while doing it. And, don’t you have some housework that needs to be done while you’re gone? Like washing the dishes… shirtless?

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