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Bohemian Baby Names for Little Free Spirits

Hoping to raise a child of the Age of Aquarius who’s open-minded and creative and a true free spirit? Well, sorry to break it to you, but they might end up a conservative working in finance. Oh well. The best you can do is instill a love of art, nature, humankind and peace in your kid and hope for the best — that and maybe give them a name with a bohemian vibe. It couldn’t hurt!

Bohemian baby names may not be the most popular choices, but they’re not entirely unheard of either. In fact, some names that may be considered avant-garde have featured in the U.S. top baby name lists in recent years — many of the examples below appeared in the top 100 baby names in 2016.

What does a bohemian name entail, anyway? Well, it means whatever you want it to mean: old-fashioned and whimsical, artsy and offbeat or chic and fresh. Whatever type of bohemian name you choose, these suggestions will definitely set your kid apart from the Emmas and Williams of their class.

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If you’re still struggling to come up with a creative name, just look in some creative places. Think about books you’ve read and films or TV programs you’ve watched: What unusual names stood out? Cadence from American Wedding? Aria from Pretty Little Liars? Calliope from Grey’s Anatomy?

You might be surprised to find inspiration in possibly the least bohemian book around: the Bible. In the Old Testament, the name Delilah, which means “delight,” was given to the temptress who tricked Samson into revealing the secret behind his strength.

Another way to tap into the unconventional is to take a more traditional name and consider its nicknames or alternatives — Cora or Coral from Caroline or Catrine instead of Catherine. When you think about it, there’s offbeat name inspiration pretty much everywhere you look; we’re confident you’ll find just the right one for your soon-to-be beat poet (or whoever your sweet kiddo turns out to be).

Bohemian baby names for your little free spirit
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