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New children’s books for summer

These new and exciting books for 2012 will make a great addition to your child’s summer reading collection. Encourage a summer of reading together, learning life lessons and expand your child’s imagination with these children’s books.

My Personal Panther

Author: Jerry Cesak and Terry Naughton

Age: 4 and up

Price: $17

In My Personal Panther, Lucy is a little girl with a big imagination. Lucy, along with her pet cat Aja, believe that Aja is a miniature jungle panther, not a house cat. Follow Lucy as she goes to school while leaving Aja behind to explore the house — just as any wild panther would do. Then, one day, Lucy returns from school to find Aja’s not in her usual spot. What will happen next? This book will not disappoint and will delightfully spark your child’s imagination this summer and beyond!

My Monster Burrufu

Author: Alberto Corral

Age: 9 and up

Price: $9

When 7-year-old Olivia moves into a new house, she had no idea the house was already occupied by a lonely monster, Burrufu. Unable to resist the smell of delicious homemade cookies, Burrufu sneaks out of his secret attic and is discovered by Olivia. In My Monster Burrufu, Olivia and Burrufu both learn that friendship can be formed in even the most unusual and unexpected places. You and your child will love the life lesson found in this exciting book for ages 9 and up.

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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Author: William Joyce

Age: 4 and up

Price: $18

Morris Lessmore loves stories, books and words — but soon learns that every story has its upsets. As everything in his life scatters into the winds, Morris Lessmore must rely on the power of a story to pick up the pieces. The celebratory story of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore will captivate you and your young readers again and again.

Alex Toys: Jungle Party

Author: Jeene Simon

Age: 3 and up

Price: $10

Make learning fun this summer with vibrant stories and interactive crafts! The Jungle Party book helps teach young children kindergarten-ready skills through a positive story of how animals from all over come together to celebrate together for a jungle party. But the fun doesn’t stop there — the book includes more than 65 stickers, 3-D puzzles and a DIY party hat just for kids. When you’re done with the story, throw your own jungle party!

Red Knit Cap Girl

Author: Naoko Stoop

Age: Preschool and up

Price: $16

Does your child ever dream so big? Maybe a trip to the moon? Join Red Knit Cap Girl and her friends from the enchanted forest through a whimsical journey of curiosity and imagination as they search for a path to the moon. Your imagination will run wild as you follow along with this fun and creative story.

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Creepy monsters, sleepy monsters

Creepy monsters, sleepy monsters

Author: Jane Yolen

Age: 4 and up

Price: $6

Children will see that monsters are just like people in Creepy monsters, sleepy monsters. Read along to this fun, rhyming, read-aloud book as two monsters play outside with friends, go to school, eat snack and even have a bedtime! Young children can relate easily to the story line while surppressing any fears they may have before bed, while the bright and colorful illustrations spark imagination and joy.

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