5 Must-read blended family mom blogs

Sometimes the craziest days make you feel like you’re the only one dealing with the drama of a blended family, but reading some of the best relatable blogs may give you the virtual support you need to get through the day.

From moms with stepchildren in tow to moms whose kids gave her hubby the title of stepdad, uncover these five must-read blended family mom blogs so you know where to go when you feel like pulling out your hair.

The Evil Stepmother Speaks

By Barb Goldberg

With a sharp wit and a rocking sense of humor, this single mother turned stepmom to three uses the skills she picked up in corporate America to help her survive her greatest adventure yet: being a blended family. Also a certified life coach, Barb Goldberg highlights the challenges — and highpoints — of what stepparenting is all about.


Simplicity in the Suburbs

By Samara Tilkens Postuma

A Minnesota mom of two of her own kids and stepmom to two of her husband’s kids, this work-at-home mom shows that the key to a successful blended family is balance. From finding time to parent to building an impressive freelance writing career, this is one of the best blogs to follow when you’re looking for an example of what it means to be a happy blended family.


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Step Mom Help

by Jenna Korf

From single gal to instant family, Jenna Korf gives her raw, honest perspective on her role as a stepmom. As a certified relationship coach and certified stepfamily coach from the Stepfamily Foundation, this is a great blog for stepmoms who have no kids of their own who are looking for support along the sometimes difficult challenges blended families face, all in the name of successful parenting.


The Well Blended Family

By Lisa Perry

From a divorced family turned blended family herself, this relationship coach offers guidance in life and love not only based on her training, but also from first-hand experience. From wife to divorcee to stepmom to mother to her own biological child, these tidbits of stepparenting gold will not only help get you through the roughest days of being a stepmom, but also radiate into your everyday life.


Hers, His and Ours

By Lisa Hartman

When it comes to kids, adopted kids, stepkids and exes, this blended family proves that despite challenge after challenge, together they can make it through. This is a mom blog best for those who feel like everyone else’s life as a stepmom is all rainbows and butterflies when in fact, no one is perfect!


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When you find yourself facing your toughest days — and poring over these five must-read blended family mom blogs just isn’t enough — seek out blended family support groups in your area. Sometimes simply hearing other stepmom and stepdad stories beyond some of these best blogs to read can give you a fresh perspective and get you through the rough times so you can truly appreciate how lucky you really are.

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