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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing

The hottest story out of Hollywood today is the announcement that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced. The couple have been married for almost six years and have a 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

TomKat split!
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are considered one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples. However, US Weekly confirmed on Friday that the twosome are calling it quits.

After almost six years of marriage, Tom and Katie are getting a divorce. Holmes is seeking “primary residential custody” of their daughter, Suri Cruise.

“Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest. This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family,” Holmes’ attorney Jonathan Wolfe said in a statement to Us Weekly.

And that’s how it should be — Suri should be their primary concern.

Divorce and kids

Whether you are one of Tinseltown’s mega-millionaires or an average couple off the street, if you have kids, they need to come first in a divorce. Divorce is hard on everyone, even if it’s amicable. And it might be toughest on the kids. Just as Tom and Katie will protect their daughter’s best interest, every divorcing duo should do the same.

When telling your kids about divorce, you and your spouse need to put your differences aside. Follow these simple tips when breaking the news:

  • Tell them together – You need to show your children right away that you can cooperate together and be civil.
  • Don’t point fingers – Playing the blame game is unfair to your spouse. Don’t put your children in the position where they feel they must pick sides.
  • Be honest – When you are separating or filing for divorce, don’t give your children a sense of false hope that you’ll get back together.
  • Express your love – Your kids need to understand that your love for them will never change.

Talking to your kids about divorce is difficult. Use age-appropriate language and seek help if necessary. Expect that your children may react very different to the news. While some kids act out, others may completely withdraw. Keep the lines of communication open with your kids. Never talk poorly about your soon-to-be-ex in front of them. Continue to show them all the love, affection and praise that you can.

We wish Tom, Katie and little Suri the best as they face this challenging time.

Image: WENN

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