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You will eat: Picky eater survival guide

We’ve all seen the look — the clenched jaw and the determined glare of a child who refuses to eat what you’ve put in front of him. Stock your cabinets with these nine fun items and watch your child loosen up and actually eat something!

You know that rule about not playing with your food? Well, throw it out the window, offer up these fun tools for eating and see if your kids enjoy their meals a little more and actually eat in the process!

Pinch it

These adorable melamine chopsticks from Giggle are available with either a girl or boy removable character hinge. Your kids will have fun eating in a new way and will be pros at using chopsticks in no time.

Price: $9

Stack it

This dishwasher-safe snacking stackers set from Land of Nod includes a fork, knife and spoon that all lock together for easy packing. We dare your little Lego lover to just try to resist eating with these fun utensils!

Price: $20

Pack it

Sometimes serving food in a new way makes it far more fun to eat. Try serving dinner in these fun take-out boxes from The Container Store and pretend you’re at a restaurant. Maybe you’ll even get a tip after the meal!

Price: $1 each

Sip it

These swirly straw cups from Pottery Barn Kids infuse smoothies with fun. Kids will be so preoccupied with the crazy straw that they won’t notice the kale or spinach that you hid under the fruit and yogurt. And they’re made from a parent-friendly, chip-resistant acrylic blend that’s dishwasher safe.

Price: $6 each

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Hold it

These fun Piggy Corn Holders from Sur La Table are great for what they’re intended, holding corn, but why not use them when serving other foods like apples, cheddar cheese cubes and chicken strips? Sometimes coming up with new ways to get their food from their plate to their mouth is the key to a complaint-free meal.

Price: $12 for a set of 4

Poke it

These quirky Vacu Vin® Party People Snack Markers from Sur La Table feature eight unique characters that are sure to bring smiles to the table. Try challenging your kids to eat their entire meal with just these fun appetizer forks. Kids love a challenge, right?

Price: $10 for a set of 8

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Move it

Turn your dining room table into a construction site with this fun construction plate and the coordinating equipment-inspired utensils from Uncommon Goods. These textured, easy-to-grip handles are lightweight, yet rugged, just like your little ones!

Price: $18 for the utensils, $15 for the plate

Decorate it

Spaghetti hair and pea earrings? Why not? Encourage your child’s inner artist with this Ms. Food face plate from Uncommon Goods. Also available in a “Mr.” version, this plate is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it truly mom friendly.

Price: $12

Separate it

Each of the six cavities in this silicone heart mold pan from Wilton is 2-1/2 inches across, which is the perfect size for offering a variety of kid-friendly foods. Keeping foods separate (not touching!) is often the key to getting kids to try new things.

Price: $10

Keeping things interesting at mealtime can help make food fun and happy kids make for happy parents!

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