Why parents should learn with their preschoolers

While you’ve been around for a while, your preschooler is just learning to discover the world. It can be a fascinating experience for both parties as your little scientist learns how things work and how they’ll work for the rest of their lives. Here’s why you should tag along with your preschoolers in the process, learning right alongside them.

mom working with young daughter to learn

Monitor their progress

Do your kids have problems with some concepts, but ease with others? Learning with your toddler is a good way to get an indication of how she learns and what she likes learning most. Investigate problem areas by pinpointing why she likes other subjects more than her least favorites, then try to relate difficult information to her in terms she understands.

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Moral support

Your preschooler is just now weaning away from you, understanding that, one day, he’ll need to live a life independent of his mother and father. You don’t need to cut the metaphorical umbilical cord just yet, though. You should be there with your children as they learn for basic moral support. If their mommy thinks they can do it, they can do it! Plus, learning with your child lets him know that learning is a good thing and continuing education should never be discouraged.

There are things you have forgotten

As you go about your day-to-day life, from worrying about work to taking care of your preschooler, there are fundamentals of how the world works that you probably forgot. Learning with your child isn’t just about support. It’s also about learning yourself and appreciating the capacity your preschooler has to learn. Tag along to learn the subjects that were once common knowledge to you, but now seem foreign and vague.

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Teach and understand

Learning with your child often means teaching her, whether in the form of number and letter flash cards, basic spelling or amateur science. This will not only help you learn some of the basics you’ve forgotten, but you will also get to see first-hand how your child learns and develops. Every child learns in her own way and identifying that early on can help you make sure your child advances the best way she knows how throughout her education.

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It’s fun!

Learning is fun and that’s something your child should never forget. If Mommy is fun and Mommy likes learning, then learning must be fun! When teaching, make sure it’s a positive experience for your child. Don’t simply sit him in a chair and lecture. Think about the types of things that made learning exciting for you as a grade schooler and employ those tactics in your lessons.

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