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Finding fun preschool activities in your community

They might not be old enough to start school yet, but your little ones are packed full of preschool aged energy. Keeping them occupied with fun, games and learning is enough to tire any parent, so make sure they stay busy! Here are a few great ways to find places that will help your preschoolers have fun, learn and burn off some of that energy.

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Classes at the local Parks and Recreation Department

Your local parks and recreation department likely offers classes for all ages, from preschooler to senior. Programs start periodically throughout the year, so if you want to sign your kids up for weekly story time, preschool workout classes, aquatics and more, head to the website for your Parks Department for a full list of the classes and programs they offer. It’s a great way to get the kids off your hands for a bit, or a fun way to bond with your wee one.

Church activities

Even if you’re not religious, local churches offer tons of fun activities for children under the age of five, including craft projects, field days and more. Often, church members will leave flyers on your front door, but you can also check on websites of surrounding churches that have a reputation for being especially kid friendly. These events are usually free and include food and drinks for growing young bodies.

Local festivals and fun

The Parks and Recreation Department of your town is not only a good resource for classes, but also for finding one-time or annual events in your community that are geared to kids of all ages. Festivals are a great way to keep the kids entertained, and they often include preschool activities that are a feast for toddlers’ eyes and senses. Be on the lookout for other creative, park-sponsored holiday events like egg hunts for Easter, safe community Trick or Treating, Fourth of July celebrations, fun time with Santa and more. These events are often free and packed full of fun for the whole family.

Check with other moms

Chances are you know moms with children the same age as yours. Ask what they do to keep the kids occupied. Even if they don’t know of any community events going on, you can always organize a play date to socialize your kids and let them learn what it means to be a friend. Plus, you get some meaningful time with your own friends.

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