Rosie Pope dishes about parenting in the spotlight

Rosie Pope is the star of the hit Bravo TV series, Pregnant in Heels. But that’s not all… Rosie has her hand in almost every parenting (and business) decision and loves every minute of her busy life!

With 3 jobs and 3 kids, Rosie’s heart is full
Rosie Pope

Rosie tells us how she makes the most of her family time and which baby gear items are her saving grace at the moment.

Three kids + three jobs = six “babies”

In addition to raising a family, Rosie Pope and her husband Daron Pope, have a demanding — and very public — work relationship. With their clothing line, Rosie Pope Maternity, parenting education classes at Mom Prep and their family life exposed on the hit Bravo TV show, Pregnant in Heels, these parents have their hands — and hearts — full. Working together on business decisions is just a small part of their relationship — the couple also have three young children, J.R., Wellington and new baby girl, Vivienne.

While Rosie wasn’t able to take a true maternity leave due to work demands, she feels very fortunate to have the luxury of bringing her new daughter with her wherever she goes. And with the support of her husband, Rosie feels even more empowered and ready to tackle her busy, yet fulfilling days of helping other parents, while parenting her own children. But no matter what Rosie has scheduled in her day, she still manages to enjoy quality moments and parenting decisions with her kids — even down to approving the clothes her husband picks for their kids.

Rosie PopeParenting in the spotlight

Although you would never know it just by watching her on TV, Rosie admits to being a fairly private person. But parenting in the spotlight for almost two full seasons hasn’t necessarily made her more comfortable — she still believes she can be very socially awkward. “Unless I can have a drink to loosen up, which, of course, was not possible while I was pregnant,” says Pope. And even though most viewers think she’s full of parenting knowledge, tricks and tips, she still feels like every other mother — filled with anxious moments and constant worry about whether or not she’s doing the right things for her children.

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How Pregnant in Heels has changed Rosie’s life

Rosie has a true passion for helping families through pregnancy and beyond with her valuable parenting resources and tools. Throughout the show, she has had the opportunity to meet new people and experience many different situations — all of which have positively challenged, empowered and motivated Rosie to do more and help more people achieve their goal — a family. Recently in the show, Rosie traveled to Los Angeles to work with a gay couple and a surrogate mother. Having never worked with a surrogate before, Rosie was incredibly touched by this family’s story. “The experience was so empowering, it motivated me even more to help people become a family… no matter how they get there,” Pope said.

Rosie Pope’s must-have baby essentials and baby gear

Rosie Pope's essential baby gear

Because Rosie is always on the go, having practical baby items to make her life easier is a necessity. Keeping with her own advice, Rosie has chosen a stroller that’s compatible with an infant car seat to act as a stroller system. But which stroller is newest baby Pope riding in? That would be the stylish Quinny Moodd paired with the Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat, of course.

As for a diaper bag, Rosie designed her own, the London Shopper. The London Shopper has discrete stroller straps because Pope is a huge believer that all diaper bags should have stroller straps and be easily attachable to a stroller. “I’ve seen too many new moms struggling with diaper bags on their shoulder while trying to push a stroller or carry a baby,” says Rosie.

Because Rosie is always on the move, she has chosen a combination of breast and bottle-feeding. To make the transitions between the two easier for both Rosie and baby Vivienne, they use the new Avent Natural bottle.

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