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What does your mom bag say about you?

Moms often throw anything and everything into their bags. Former nice purses transform into a carryall for everything from Cheerios to boogie wipes. But from the outside, what does your “mom” bag say about you? Moms sent us pictures of their purses and we asked expert Kathryn Eisman, author of How to Tell a Woman by her Handbag to give us the scoop on what the type of bag you carry says about you as a mom.

Kathryn Eisman is the author of How to Tell a Woman By Her Handbag, the host of Yahoo!’s Secrets To Your Success and the creator of the popular website where women can bid on their favorite new season designer handbags and buy them for 95 percent off retail.

With nothing more than a photo of each mom’s handbag, Eisman told us what she thinks each mom is like, down to her mom motto.

Structured, well-maintained Louis Vuitton bag

Mom motto: Only the best will do, especially when it comes to my family.

This woman knows what she wants and how she wants it served. I say ‘served’ because while she is incredibly capable, disciplined and [a] hard worker be it at work or at home she feels most comfortable being the boss. She has traveled the world and dated extensively before she became a mom and those experiences have turned her into somewhat of a connoisseur. She prides herself on being an excellent judge of character and is very involved in the social development of her family.

For all her experience, she is very loyal to all that she views as valuable — be it a nanny, her assistant or her bag… and would prefer to have quality over quantity any day of the week. But, she reasons, if she can a large quantity of quality… all the better! She has an innate belief that her family deserves the best and will work hard to make sure they have the best — be it the school they go to or the friends they associate with… she has it planned and diarized. Oh, and she has somewhat of a pen fetish!

Louis Vuitton bucket bag

Mom motto: Baby + me = free!

This is the bag of the romantic, the nostalgic mom who believes true wealth comes from experiences not possessions, people, not paychecks. Having said that, she is the first to say yes to a splash of luxury and feels right at home ‘living the life’. Oh, but how that ‘life’ has changed. One day she was zipping around town as a free spirit and these days she doesn’t do anything as spontaneously as she once did. And while at times she misses her pre-baby freedom, truth is, she adores her new role in life and feels more grounded and fully realized than she has ever before liberated from the selfishness of her youth as she devotes her life to another little human being. She was born to be a mom and cherishes every moment in the new role; who knew!

Greenish soft leather bag with gold hardware

Mom motto: Work hard and the fun will come.

Sure this gal looks optimistic and carefree, but scratch a little below the cheery, all-smiles-surface and you will discover a mom who is extremely systematic, and prepared for anything… yes, including nuclear warfare! Organized, seemingly balanced, fit and friendly, she could be the star of the book, I Don’t Know How She Does It. Indeed, only she knows how she does it… with militant discipline and a dedication to looking after everyone (yes, including herself).

She loves fun and knows how to have a good time better than most, but she always gets the work done first. Health conscious, she won’t let her family get away with eating junk food. Though she will deny it, she has a healthy dose of vanity and has realized over time that in order for her to look after everyone else, she must first look after herself. A leader, not a follower… she plays by her own rules.

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