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Review: Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches and Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls

Are you always on the go? Does your busy schedule make it tricky to get a hot dinner in front of your family? You can kiss that problem goodbye, thanks to the new portable products from Tyson Foods.

chicken sandwiches

Tyson® Mini Chicken Sandwiches

These aren’t your average frozen chicken sandwiches! The Mini Chicken Sandwiches are delicious, and they work great as a snack or a meal. They only take a minute and a half in the microwave to prepare, and you’d never know they were nuked by the way they taste. The chicken comes out crisp, not soggy, and the bread is soft and tasty, nothing like you might expect from bread that’s been cooked in the microwave.

You can pick the Mini Chicken Sandwiches up plain or already topped with cheese, but don’t let that stop you from adding extra toppings! Open the bun and smear on mustard or mayo, add bacon, more cheese, lettuce, tomato or anything else you like on your chicken.

To make it a meal, serve with a side of fries or chips, along with a vegetable or side salad.

These sandwiches come wrapped in groups of two, the perfect amount for an adult-sized appetite, but a child would probably only eat one, especially if you’re serving sides. If you’re just serving them as a snack, one will be enough for everyone. You’ll find that one of these minis is enough to curb your hunger in the afternoon, but not enough to spoil your dinner.

Tyson® Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls

The Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls are perfect for any meal. Whether you’re running out the door on a Monday morning, or you need to grab something quick between meetings, these bowls are quick, easy and delicious. For a hearty way to start the day, try the bacon, egg and cheese variety to fuel up on protein and keep you full until your next meal. Just pop one in the microwave and breakfast is served in fewer than two minutes.

If you’re looking for lunch, dinner or an afternoon snack, go for the other flavor varieties, including Chicken Bacon Club or Chicken Broccoli and Cheese. Both make a great, hearty snack on their own, or make a filling meal if you serve them with one or two healthy sides. The bread bowls are especially helpful when you’re pressed for time, so store a few at the office for the perfect mid-day meal that you can hold in the palm of your hand. You’ll be prepared for whatever the rest of your day has in store when you fuel up on protein-rich chicken and cooked veggies, to boot! Just pack a piece of fruit to round out the meal.

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The most surprising factor about these bowls is the bread. Even though it’s been cooked in the microwave, it’s not chewy or overdone. The bread bowl actually ends up perfectly soft and reveals much more filling than you would normally expect to find in a frozen meal.

These come two in a plastic sleeve as well. One will likely be more than enough for a small child, but the average adult could easily devour both.

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