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10 Ways to fit in a snack on busy afternoons

Your afternoons are jam-packed with activity, but that doesn’t mean you have to go hungry. Use these tips to fit in a snack during a busy afternoon.

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A lot happens between lunch and dinner, and you shouldn’t be hungry when it’s happening. We know you’re busy, but do what you can to fit in an afternoon snack. It’ll give you the energy boost you need to make it through that afternoon crash and keep you from overeating at dinner.

Prepare ahead

Preparing a snack can be time consuming, so don’t try to do it when you’re the busiest. Instead, work your snack preparation into your schedule wherever it fits. Get up in the morning and prepare all of your snacks for the day, or make tomorrow’s snacks at night before you go to bed. You can even prepare a week’s worth of snacks on the weekends.

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Make it portable

You may not have time to sit down for a snack, but you still need to eat. Prepare snacks that you can eat on the go. Choose pretzels, cut-up fruits and veggies, cheese cubes and anything else you can stick in a baggie or covered bowl for later.

Keep it clean

You barely have time to eat, so you definitely don’t have time to clean up a mess. Avoid any food that makes a mess (either when you eat it, or when you make it), and do what you can to avoid any dirty dishes, silverware or pots and pans. You’ll be a lot more likely to work in a snack if you know your kitchen won’t be a disaster area because of it.

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Buy prepackaged snacks

Prepackaged snacks get a bad rap, and sometimes it’s for no reason. Not every prepackaged food you find is bad for you. Stock up on boxed raisins, cheese sticks, granola bars and individual serving yogurt cups. You’ll be much more likely to find time for a healthy snack if you can just grab it and go, no preparation required.

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Stick with fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are naturally portable and always good for you. Grab some the next time you’re running out the door — you’ll be glad to have this quick and easy snack when your belly starts growling!

Quick tip

Always keep healthy snacks handy to resist the urge for fast food and junk food.

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