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Hot or cold: Simple snack ideas for busy afternoons

Depending on the season, you might want to reach for a hot or cold snack. There’s something very cozy about a warm treat during the winter months, and come summer, you want nothing more than to cool down. One thing that doesn’t vary with the seasons, though, is your busy schedule. Between managing work and your kids’ social schedules, you never slow down. Let these simple snacks keep your energy levels up.

woman snacking on popcorn

Quick chicken protein

There are plenty of freezer meals that can be quickly heated up, but health and calorie content are something to consider. Quick chicken snacks like protein-rich sandwiches and chicken fingers are great ways to get protein and keep you and the kids moving. Best of all, they can be eaten in the car without leaving a huge mess in their wake.

All-juice ice pops

When you’re getting in and out of hot cars during the summer, nothing sounds more refreshing than something cold and juicy. Head to your local big box store and pick up a reusable plastic container to make ice pops. They already come with plastic sticks, so you’ll never have to buy wooden sticks again. Simply wash and reuse. Add chopped fruit, juice, yogurt and more for a cool treat that’s not too heavy and always satisfies.

Warm pita and hummus

Hummus is a delicious alternative to traditional dips. Made with garbanzo beans, this Middle Eastern treat is tasty and packed with low-calorie nutrition. Pair with veggies like broccoli, carrots or celery for a cold option, or heat up some pita for a warm, comforting option that will fill the bellies of moms, dads and kids alike.

Frozen fruit

Getting your kids to eat healthy might seem like a chore, but frozen fruit has the same sweet, refreshing quality as an ice pop or ice cream. Try dipping bananas in chocolate and then freezing them until the chocolate becomes solid. It’s a healthy, delicious snack that keeps kids packed with potassium and healthy energy. Plus, it’s a great way to indulge in a little chocolate without going overboard. Frozen grapes are another great option. They’re firm but totally chewable and a great, low-calorie way to cool kids down and give them their daily servings of fruit.


Toss it in the microwave and be on your way! Popcorn — especially low-butter and low-salt varieties — fills tummies for a quick, easy and car-friendly snack that won’t leave a mess behind. Mix with peanuts, dried fruit, chocolate candies and more for a fun alternative to trail mix.

Watch: Making refreshing ice pops

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