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Sneaking snack time into busy schedules

Sometimes you just don’t have time to eat. It’s frustrating because those are the times you need food the most. As you rush from work to take the kids to soccer practice, you’re burning calories, and it won’t be long before you need more energy. Here are a few tips for sneaking small snacks into your schedule, as well as your kids’.

woman snacking on nuts

Think ahead

Sure, you can head to the snack aisle of your local grocery store and buy portioned packets of snacks, but you can do the same thing yourself with 15 minutes, some plastic sandwich bags and the snack of your choice. It’s a cheap and often healthier option than eating right out of the box. Plus, you have the added benefit of portion control. On an off day, head to the grocery store for peanuts, candy-coated chocolates, raisins, mixed nuts and more to make your own trail mix. Then, mix all of the ingredients and pour half-cup portions into plastic bags. For the rest of the week, you’ll have a tasty, quick, protein-rich treat that will keep up your energy without compromising too many calories.

Utilize the purse pocket

When you’ve just had breakfast and are getting ready to head out the door to start the day, odds are you aren’t thinking about lunch. After all, you’re super full now. How hungry could you be later? The answer is very. If you’re planning on skipping lunch due to a big deadline, be prepared by sneaking a granola bar or another desk-friendly snack that can be eaten without too much effort. Always keep a snack on hand. Those sudden moments of hunger pangs lead to overeating if at some point in the day you’re confronted with a coworker’s birthday cake or a six-foot office submarine sandwich.

Stash ’em in the car

During those hot summer months, it might seem impossible to store food in the car, but healthy alternatives like almonds and dried fruit do well in heat. Stash them in your glove compartment for quick eats that will tide you over until your next meal. Best of all, it helps you avoid those convenient but calorie-heavy stops at the local fast food joint.

Find a microwave go-to

Sometimes you need something a bit more substantial than fruit and nuts. Head to the freezer aisle and do some inspection of nutrition labels. While many quick, easy, microwavable snacks are packed with calories and sodium, others are healthy options if eaten in small doses. Look for something that can be cooked in the microwave in fewer than five minutes that’s easy to carry on the go. Chicken sandwiches are a good option, and some organic microwavable burritos might be a good option for starving on-the-go teenagers.

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