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What I’m loving this week: 5 Superhero graphic tees for boys

With the Avengers being a smash hit in the theaters right now, boys everywhere are looking for superhero gear! Here are five of my faves for boys.

Superhero power!

With The Avengers being a smash hit in the theaters, boys everywhere are looking for superhero gear! Here are five of my faves for boys.

Marvel’s The Avengers has been this summer’s smash hit for boys (and girls too) everywhere! My sons counted down the days until the movie opened, and when it did — they needed to be there on opening day (it was like how I was with the Sex and the City movie!). We took them right after school on May 4. Believe me, it’s two months later and they haven’t stopped talking about it!

My life is all about superheroes! The Avengers sparked a sudden return into the depths of the superhero world. Gone (for now) are the Mario Brothers and Luigi toys — they want everything superhero.

Spiderman. Batman. Iron Man. Captain America. Superman. Thor. You name “him,” they love “him.”

My son William loves Captain America.

My son Alexander loves Batman.

My son Benjamin loves Superman.

And my youngest son loves Spiderman.

So what am I loving this week? Well… it has to do with some fashionably cool superhero gear.

I’m all about superhero graphic tees for my boys right now (I’m laying off buying tons of toys for them at the moment). It’s an easy way for me to dress them because they’re actually wearing their “hero” of choice and they look super cool. Every time we head out with them all in their different graphic tees, we’re stopped and asked where we’ve gotten them. What can I say, these superhero tees attract attention! I’m sharing the super love this week!

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This is what I’m loving (for you moms of boys) this week


Superhero tees at Gap Kids

Junk Food’s collaboration with Gap Kids on their Super Hero Pool Party has been out-of-this-world cool! I’m obsessed with their superhero graphic tees and tanks for boys. Batman. Superman. Spiderman. Captain America. They’ve got them! What I love is that they’re super soft and great quality, but also the trendiest and coolest. They’ve got a vintage feel to them that I personally love, and my sons are just ga-ga over the whole collection! Major power here (and my ultra fave!).


SuperHeroStuff has an array of graphic tees for kids. If there’s something your son specifically wants and you can’t find it anywhere, this is a great place to check out. There are tons of options and tons of different superheroes available. They also have stuff for girls, dads and moms!


Marvel Comics at Old Navy

Old Navy’s Boys Marvel Comics tees are very fun and totally cool. I love the design of these graphic tees because they’re fun! The body of your son’s fave superhero is outlined on the tee, so when the tee goes on, your son’s head becomes the superhero! It’s like he has his very own superhero costume on. It’s very clever and I love it!


Vintage tees from Junk Food

Junk Food Clothing actually has the coolest vintage superhero tees for boys. I’m obsessed with a vintage look when it comes to tees for myself, and I love seeing this brought into kids. Junk Food Clothing is known for their super cool and super trendy tees, definitely worth checking out their kids collection. It’s awesomeness!


MyTeeSpot offers up some amazingly cool options in the graphic tee department! My brother was the one who recommended I check out about a year ago for my husband. I love that they carry items for kids too. This is a wonderful destination for the superhero fan. You’ll find something here for everyone on your list!

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