Breastfeeding photos: Moms with their babies

August is National Breastfeeding Month and the first week of the month is World Breastfeeding Week. Breastfeeding is beautiful in all forms. In honor of the occasions, enjoy these sweet and touching nursing photos and learn why these moms chose to breastfeed — and what advice they’d give to a nursing mother who is just starting out.


Ashleigh, mom of four from Charlotte, North Carolina, pictured with Alice

Even before the birth of my first child, I knew that I would breastfeed. I knew the health benefits, that it was “best for baby.” What I didn’t know is how incredibly empowering and beautiful it would be. There is nothing in the world like knowing that you are all your child needs. That you alone can give them everything they need to survive, and to thrive.

Watching my baby grow from a skinny little newborn into a chubby, roly-poly baby, and knowing that I did that, my breasts, my milk, it gave me confidence in myself and my ability to mother. Breastfeeding allowed me to not only nourish my babies, but to give them comfort and security as they grew. I am now breastfeeding my fourth sweet baby, and the experience is no less amazing the fourth time than the first.