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Being a digital mom: 5 Ways to connect with brands on Twitter

Connecting with brands on Twitter is easy to do — you just need to know how to do it. Here are five easy ways.

Tweet away!

Connecting with brands on Twitter is easy to do — you just need to know how to do it. Here are five easy ways.

It’s amazing what you can do with 140 characters on Twitter.

Truly, amazing.

As a mom blogger, I have used Twitter to the best of my abilities to help me build my brand. I started using Twitter in 2008 and I just haven’t stopped. I started on Twitter because I saw it as a virtual playground four years ago. I saw a place to connect with other mom bloggers. I saw a place to connect with social media gurus. And I saw a place to connect with brands and companies.

Twitter is a breeding ground for many different reasons. I’m often asked by moms how they can connect with brands and companies because many times these connections can lead to paid opportunities. Believe me, as a mom blogger who supports her family solely on digital work, I’m all about finding the best ways to connect with brands and companies online… and Twitter is one of the best ways.


So how can you connect with brands and companies on Twitter? I’m going to be honest with you, it’s a delicate balance of not being too overboard, yet you can’t be too passive either. You really need to find that perfect mix of how to connect in a way that’s true, real and authentic. You don’t want to scare away a brand or a company that could be a really fabulous fit for you and your blog.

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Here are five ways to connect with brands on Twitter


Join a Twitter Party — If you happen to see a brand or company you love hosting a Twitter Party, join on in! This is such an easy and friendly way to get your feet wet. Join the conversation and make sure you’re really allowing yourself to share your love and passion for the brand. You may even want to reach out via DM (direct message) to fully engage and share your enthusiasm for the content shared on Twitter throughout the party.


Host a Twitter Party — You really need to make sure you’re comfortable hosting a Twitter Party if you’re going to take this advice. So I’m putting a disclaimer here to make sure you’ve hosted one before! If you’re very serious about connecting with a brand or company, offer to host a Twitter Party for them. You may be doing it for free (at first), but it’s a great way to show brand loyalty and you never know where it may lead. Put your best Twitter foot forward mamas!


Link Love — If you blog about a brand or a company that you love, make sure you connect that link love to them on Twitter. This is a great way to publicly show your love for a brand or a company. I recently just did a post on an Alex and Ani Charm Necklace and popped it up on Twitter. Within 10 minutes they tweeted my link. Just like that, a connection was born! Brands love to see what you’re writing about them, so don’t forget to post and link the love!


Dishing — This one is a truly easy one, dish away! I’ve seen many business connections be forged through Twitter. The beauty of Twitter is that it’s very non-intimidating. You can have fun and be yourself. In just 140 characters you’re able to connect and engage with anyone, so why not chat with your favorite brands? Be honest and open and yourself. If you connect through 140 characters, you’re probably going to open the gates for an email introduction and that’s gold!


Ask — If you’re really looking to connect with a specific brand on Twitter and you just haven’t had the best luck, you can always just put the ask out there. For example, if you’re trying to get in touch with Tide… maybe you could try the tweet, “Love @Tide! Use it every day and would love to connect with you offline!” You never know where a statement like that could take you. Sometimes it’s just important to put it out there into the Twitter-verse! 🙂

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