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Baby names by origin

Sophia and Noah are the most popular baby names as of May 2014. Find out what else is popular in the U.S. and around the world.

Popular American baby names for boys and girls

American baby names — like its people — are a wonderful blend of nationalities. The most popular monikers can trace their origins to Greece, Sweden, Israel and beyond. Here are the name, meaning and origin for the most popular boy and girl names in the U.S.

Top 10 baby girl names in America

Sophia – Greek origin, means Wisdom

Isabella – Hebrew, Italian and Shakespearean roots, means Devoted to God

Emma – English and Teutonic meaning is Whole; Swedish meaning is Nurse

Olivia – American meaning is Twelfth Night; Spanish and Swedish meaning is Olive

Avery French, American, English, Anglo-Saxon, means sage, wise and rules with elf-wisdom

Emily – French, German and Teutonic origins, means Industrious or Hard-working

Abigail – the Biblical meaning is Father’s joy

Ella – English, American, French and German origins, abbreviation of Eleanor and Ellen, means beautiful fairy

Charlotte English, American and French origins, means feminine manly

Elizabeth – Hebrew, meaning either oath of God, or God is satisfaction

Top 10 baby boy names in America

Jacob – a Biblical name, means That supplants, Undermines, The Heel

Mason – English and French origins, means Stone worker or Worker in stone

William – English, French, Teutonic and Shakespearean roots, means Determined protector or Resolute protector

Benjamin ? Biblical, American, English and Hebrew, means Son of the right hand.

Noah – a Biblical name, means Repose; Consolation

Michael – the Biblical meaning is Poor; Humble; the Hebrew meaning is Who is like God?

Ethan – Biblical, means Strong; The gift of the island

Alexander – Swedish, Greek and Biblical roots, means Defender of Men

Liam – German, American, Gaelic, Irish, Teutonic, means Will-helmet, Famous Bearers, 

Elijah Biblical, American, and Hebrew origins, means God the Lord or the strong Lord

On the next page, you’ll find some of the most popular African-American baby names…

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