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How to pack for an outing with baby

Having it all in the bag may not be the best way to travel with an infant. Lugging a lot of stuff around when you go out with baby may make you wish you had stayed home.

Mom with baby in stroller

Because you worry about not having what you may need, it’s easy to overdo it when packing the diaper bag. Rather than bog yourself down with a massive tote that could hold the kitchen sink, check out these tips for light and easy travel with baby from Blythe Lipman, baby and toddler expert.

Step 1: A change

To be sure you have enough diapers for an outing with baby, take five diapers. Diaper changes always involve wipes, but think lighter. A travel-size case of baby wipes takes much less room and weighs much less than taking the whole pack, and should provide plenty of damage control for those surprises. Don’t have a travel-size pack handy? Just place a few wipes in a zip-lock bag and seal tightly. Don’t forget a plastic bag for post-consumer disposal of those items.

Step 2: A pacifier

Is yours a binky baby? Then the pacifier is a must-have. Take two — no, take three because chances are pretty good that one will end up on the floor. You wouldn’t want to be caught with a fussy baby and no binky relief.

Step 3: More change

Be sure to bring a change of clothes. Not just for the baby — for you, too. You will probably be the main target for spillage and spittle. A clean tee will feel mighty good after a little baby boo-boo happens on you.

There you have it! Keep the bag simple and your outing will be less cumbersome and more enjoyable for baby and you.

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