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How to soothe a baby’s aching gums

One of the most challenging parts of new parenting is the teething stage. Baby’s gums are in a lot of pain and swell as the new tooth tries to make its way through.

Happy teething boy

Here are some practical tips for parents from Blythe Lipman, baby and toddler expert, for soothing relief for baby — and maybe some peace for Mom and Dad.

Step 1: Grab a sock

Find a clean high-top white athletic sock. Don’t use a colored sock because the dye will come off.

Step 2: Fill

Fill the foot of the sock with ice cubes. Make a knot in the ankle of the sock and hand it to your baby while sitting in a high chair and let him or her gnaw away. The cold is soothing for those aching gums.

Alternate tip:

Step 1: Use a toy

Use this unique teething toy called a teething net or teething feeder. It looks like a ring pop but the end is made of a net material for filling.

Step 2: Fill

Place a piece of frozen banana or other fruit or ice in the net end and close the latch. A unique feature of this teething toy is the handle. It isn’t frozen like other teething toys, so baby’s little fingers won’t get cold. Hand the teething net to the baby and he or she can chew away on a soothing treat.

Teething pain dissipates once the tooth has pushed through. In the meantime, don’t despair. Relief for baby’s sore gums is as close as your freezer and sock drawer. Who knew?

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