25 Fun summertime activities for your kids

School’s out and the kids are home. Now what? If you want to have a plan for those days when your kids utter those words, “I’m bored,” read on for our list of 25 activities you and your children can do together this summer.


Camp out in your backyard

Pitch a tent, find the sleeping bags and set the kids up for a night of becoming one with nature. The kids will be excited to not have to sleep in their own beds! Mom and Dad can make a surprise appearance to tell ghost stories. The kids will love sleeping in this adorable Melissa & Doug Mollie Tent ($35).


Have a picnic

Pack up a lunch and head out to your local park (or even your own backyard!) to have a good old-fashioned picnic. Give the little ones their own picnic basket like this one from Cost Plus ($15). While you’re eating sandwiches and enjoying the summer weather, use the time to talk to your kids about what’s going on in their lives.


Have a water fight

Fill balloons with water and tell the children to be ready for battle because it’s Mom and Dad versus the kids! Loser cleans up the mess!


Concert in the park

Pack up the brood and a picnic basket full of yummies and head out to the local concert in the park. The kids will love listening to music and you’ll love the chance to unwind — it’s a win-win.

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Go on a family bike ride

Slap on the sunscreen (and your bike helmets!) and hop on your bicycles. Riding together as a family will not only be great exercise, but a great opportunity for some family bonding.


Bust out the bubbles

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, bubbles are fun! Bust out the bubbles and blow! You and your kids will have a blast.


Have a scavenger hunt

Let the kids write the clues and lead you from point A to point B. They’ll love watching you try to figure out their clues and find their way to the end.


Have an ice cream party

Nothing says summer like ice cream. Buy a ton of pints, whipped cream and chocolate syrup and let the kids go crazy making sundaes. Just don’t forget the cherries on top.


Bury a treasure

Give the kids some shovels and let them have at it in the back yard. Let them get creative with the treasure they want to bury. It’s up to them!


Look at the stars

Do some stargazing with your kids. Lie on a blanket and absorb the stars. The kids will love bonding with you while learning about astronomy.


Capture fireflies

All you need is a mason jar and a butterfly net and you are in business. When the lights go down, you and the kids can watch for the fireflight lights together.


Sell lemonade

Kids have to make the sign and determine how much to charge (within limits). You help with the inventory and location. Sit back and watch the entrepreneurs get to work!


Make popsicles

Help the kids create their own ice pops at home. Pour fruit juice in ice cream trays and wait for them to freeze. When they’re done, pop them out of the freezer and enjoy!


Roast marshmallows

Fire. Stick. Marshmallows. Don’t forget the graham crackers and chocolate. A classic good time.


Play flashlight tag

At dusk, give your children flashlights and send them out for a fun game of nighttime tag.


Read under the trees

Take your kids to the library, find some shade beneath the trees, lay out a blanket and read.


Watch an outdoor movie

Grab some popcorn, rent a projector and hook it up to your computer. Hang a sheet and play the movie. The kids will love having a movie theatre in their backyard.


Wash the cars

Tell their kids to put their suits on and be prepared to do some work while they’re at it. Blast some tunes while they blast the water. It wll be a good time for all.


Get crafty outside

Set up an arts and crafts table outside and let the fun begin. Best part? The kids can make a huge mess because they’re not painting and crafting inside on your hardwood floors.


Climb a tree

Go “out on a limb” and suggest your child climb a tree.


Summer hair

Daughter gets bangs, Son gets a buzz (or go crazy with a mohawk!). Let them enjoy their summer of fun (and no school photos!)


Make a swing

Head to a tire store and buy an old tire at a discount — some will even give you one for free. Grab some rope and find someone that can tie a knot. Let the swinging begin!


Creative writing

Summer won’t be here forever. Encourage the kids to put pen to paper and craft a creative story. Perhaps it will be something about how well they want to do in school next year!


Make a bird feeder

All you need is an empty milk jug, some bird seed and twine. Cut an opening in the milk jug, decorate it and hang it with twine. Fill it with birdseed and wait for the birds to flock. The birds will love eating and the kids will love watching.


Start a business

Inspire your child to take advantage of the time off of school and start a business (you can help him with his marketing plan!). From cutting grass to pulling out the trash cans for your neighbors, he’ll be able to make some cash on his long summer days.

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