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In my dreams I’m… Cameron Diaz

No parent can imagine life without their children… but if you could emulate one celeb’s seemingly exciting and interesting life (with or without kids), whose would it be and why? Cameron Diaz — fit and free? Jennifer Garner — mama and movie queen? A poll of modern-day parents and the celebs they follow.

Daydreams are mostly harmless, and what mom hasn’t drifted away for a moment or two, wishing she could trade places with a celebrity? We asked real moms what celebs they follow — check out what they said!


An overwhelming amount of moms claimed Pink was the celebrity they’d most love to be. The rockin’ mom of one apparently has much to be admired. “She blows me away!” shared Becky, mom of two. “I love how she is with her daughter and I love what she has made of herself and how she sticks to her gut with everything.” Leah from Massachusetts agreed. “I wish that I was that fit, gorgeous, badass,” she shared. Jessica, mom of one, felt the same. “I absolutely love her, she’s one of the people and few celebrities I actually admire,” she explained.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen, mom of two with husband Gavin Rossdale, is another popular pick among the mom crowd. “I’d want to be Gwen Stefani, without a doubt,” explained Jenn from Canada. “I’ve been enamored with her since I can remember, just everything about her is rad. She radiates confidence, and I love it. Plus, let’s be real, Gavin Rossdale is a babe. I’d like to see what it’d be like to be married to him.” Becky also loves Gwen. “She’s too talented for her own good,” she said.

Other awesome celeb moms

Don’t worry — many other celebrity moms were represented! Lisa, mom of three, had several she’d love to be. “Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes or Julia Roberts,” she shared. “Glam but sane and very involved with their children — but also having enough money to have help so you feel like you have something of a life!”

Ashley from Wisconsin had another dream celeb. “I would have to say Beyonce because it’s my husband’s dream celeb and I wonder what it’s like to be so bootylicious,” she reported. “She’s got it all since baby Blue has been born. Beyonce is classy and sane.”

Meagan, mother of one, also picked a couple of moms. “Uma Thurman,” she said. “I’ve met her and she has the most well-behaved child on the planet. Maya said please and thank you, called me ‘miss,’ and when asking if she could use my phone, had stellar phone manners. Next would be Katey Segal. Her son is a great kid, and she is down-to-earth and really fun. Two moms who have raised smart, sweet kids!”

And non-moms too

Not all mothers wanted to be celebrity moms, in fact. “Is it just for a day?” asked Charlene, mom of two. “If so, then I’m going to childless route — Kim Kardashian. Hot, rich, no real job and hot guys.” And Lindsay from Texas had another motive in mind. “I would have to say Lindsay Lohan,” she explained. “Just because I really want to know what the heck she is thinking!”

Tell us

No matter how much you love your kids, take a moment (if you have one) to daydream. Who would your dream celebrity be?

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