What I’m loving this week: 5 Ways to bring your children into your blogging life

How can a work-at-home mom blogger bring her child to work? Here are five ways!

It’s a family thing!

How can a work-at-home mom blogger bring her child to work? Here are five ways!

When I was a child, the day I looked forward to the most was the “Bring your child to work day.” My parents were both teachers, and so, off to their school I went with my mom and dad. I loved being able to pass out papers, write on the chalkboard, collect lunch money, walk the hallways and “correct” papers. It’s something that still puts a smile on my face because they were such great memories.

Unfortunately, it’s a little impossible to have a “Bring your child to work day” with my kids. I work from home, and on top of that, I work online. I have no office to go to. I have no boss to report to. And I don’t have officemates with other kids for them to play with. It’s just me, myself and I.

It’s a question I get asked a lot from fellow mom bloggers: “How do you get your kids involved with your work?” I do the very best I can to involve my sons in my work life. It never occurred to me that I was positively impacting my kids until this past Monday afternoon when I heard my oldest son tell a fellow classmate, “My mom brings me to work all the time! I love it.”

So this week, here are five ways I’m loving for mom bloggers to bring their children into their blogging lives! This really excites me to share with you!

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Many mom bloggers are offered the opportunity to go away on blogging trips for a company or a travel destination. Whenever you’re invited, always ask if you can bring your child(ren). It’s a wonderful way for your child to experience what you do, but also a wonderful way to be together. I recently went on a trip where children were allowed to come and it was incredible to see the amazement in their eyes as to what their moms did. Very special.



Mom blogger events pop up all the time throughout the country, especially in the big cities. The events are often geared towards just the moms, but there are times when kids are allowed to attend. Bring your kids along when it’s possible! My sons tagged along to an Xbox event with me once and they still talk about it! It’s fun for them to get a glimpse of your work world and events are absolutely part of that!


Blog Correspondent

Include them right on your blog. Depending upon their age, have them actually become a correspondent or guest writer for your blog. Let them feel connected to your blog through actually blogging for it. I started a section called “Alex Rocks” on my blog where my son Alex reviews clothing and talks about his fashion finds. He loves it!


Toy Reviews

Another way to really bring your child into your work? Have them help you review toys! Toy companies love a mom’s honest opinion on toys, but it’s also important to have your child’s perspective, too. Allow your children to help you review toys — what do they like? What don’t they like? What would they change? Best part is — your children usually gets to keep the toy! 🙂



Content for blogs is king. It always will be. Many times bloggers have to leave their house to create some of their content — shopping hauls, grocery store, craft store, fitness center, local news channel, etc. Have your child tag along as your “assistant” for the day. I did a local news segment last week and took Alex with me. He watched from the sidelines, held my notebook and cell phone and felt like a king himself!

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