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Baby names dads will love

What kinds of baby names do dads love? With Father’s Day right around the corner we thought it was the perfect time to round up the top baby boy names and baby girl names that are father-approved. In fact, if Mom and Dad can’t agree on a baby name, perhaps this list will help them find a name they both love!

The types of baby names most dads love for boys aren’t necessarily the types of names they prefer for girls. So, what names would most dads say they like? We have rounded up names that most dads will love, according to their personal style.

The All-American dad

Most All-American men prefer manly names for their sons that evoke strength and power. No unisex names here, as they don’t want a name that could be mistaken for a girl’s name. In fact, classic or traditional names, such as Jack or Max, rank high on many All-American dad’s list.

For baby boy names, the All-American dad would love sporty baby names, such as Ace or Bo, as well as powerful or strong baby names. Check out our list of sporty baby boy names and powerful baby names here for more inspiration.

For girls, the All-American dad often prefers more classic names, such as Catherine or Vivienne, over more trendy names. They often like the traditional spellings of names, versus creative spellings, such as Jennifer over Gennifer. For inspiration, check out our list of All-American classic baby girl names.

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The preppy dad

The preppy dad loves names that sound prestigious and have an upper-crust or East Coast sensibility about them. Wellington or Asher are examples of preppy boy names, while Blair and Gwyneth are great preppy girl names.

Most preppy dads will not like names at the top of the Social Security Administration’s top baby name list, so check out the list here and try to stay away from the top 100. Super trendy names, such as Jayden or Miley, will also more than likely not be his top choice.

The trendy dad

The trendy dad embraces the coolest baby name trends just like he loves the latest fashions and music. This dad stays on top of the hottest trends, so he will probably like the names that are climbing the baby name chart the fastest, which is Briella for girls and Brantley for boys.

This dad is open to switching up the spelling of baby names, as well as cool unisex or gender-bending names. In fact, if he loves the fact that Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell, then check out our list of trendy baby names that this type of dad is sure to love.

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The rock star dad

This type of dad often embraces the alternative lifestyle, probably has a few tattoos and/or piercings and has a fondness for loud music and motorcycles (at least, that was before Baby arrived!) Or perhaps this dad doesn’t have a single tattoo or piercing, but just loves unique names that have a definite edge. Either way, this rock star dad prefers unique, cool and edgy names over trendy or popular names.

Boy names like Dax or Jagger may be a great choice for boys, while Zoe and Coco make cool choices for girls. For more ideas, check out our list of baby names that totally kick butt >>

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