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Endless summer fun

After a few days of summer, you’re bound to hear those infamous words: “Mom, I’m bored!” Be prepared to battle summer boredom with these fun kid-friendly summer activities.

Water play

Cool down with some wet and wild summer fun. Aside from just splashing in the pool (which by the way, we totally condone since swimming is not only great exercise but a day in the pool always equals a good night sleep for kids — and moms!), there are all kinds of fun water play to be had this summer. Water products from Slip ‘n Slides to water squirters to good old-fashioned water balloons can turn a boring summer day into hours of cool play.

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Game time

Disconnect from the TV, iPad, computer, smartphone (did I miss any?) and pull out some fun board or card games like Dweebies, Angry Birds Knock on Wood game (hey, at least your kids aren’t glued to the iPhones with this version!), or a classic Memory game to not only keep your kids occupied but bring the family together for a wholesome activity.

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Jump around

Indoor trampoline parks are the latest thing. They encompass huge trampolines, as well as foam pits, dodge ball trampoline courts and usually a separate area for little jumpers. Don’t forget indoor play areas, bouncy houses (which often have “open play” hours during the summer) and good old-fashioned parks (if the equipment is too hot during the day, take a twilight trip to your local park) for active play.

Get creative in the kitchen

Your kids may not volunteer to help you make dinner each night. But they may take an interest in the kitchen if you suggest making homemade popsicles (simply pour fresh juices into popsicle trays or get fancy by mixing juices and freshly blended fruit purees to create new flavors) or ice cream in a bag (Google this super-easy recipe for some shakin’ fun). Bonus: Each of these ideas makes perfect, kid-friendly portions so your kids won’t get too much of a sugar rush.

Day at a museum

Take advantage of local museums’ summertime specials like discounted tickets, events or off-hours. Many zoos, botanical gardens and water parks have extended hours, discounted deals/tickets and special events during the summer. Check out your favorite places for summer steals or explore a new local attraction.

Arts and crafts

Cruise your local crafts store for a project kit your kids can do themselves. Places like Hobby Lobby (or what I like to call Heaven) have endless project books and kits and classes designed to help kids make their own arts and crafts.

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