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6 Moves to a sexy post-baby bod

Got a little too much jiggle when you wiggle? Don’t worry, even the fittest moms have trouble getting back in shape after Baby arrives. Stay tuned for the fastest shape-up ever with six workouts for a sexy post-baby bod.

Short and sweet

When you have a new baby in the house, finding time for a daily shower can take a full-scale military operation. Getting out to the gym? You gotta be kidding. That’s why fitness instructor Breanna Luker recommends finding a short workout you can do in your home. “It’s so easy to get discouraged during that postpartum period when you are so busy and barely have time to sleep, much less exercise. But if you can find a simple workout you can do at home, you can stay motivated and sneak those pounds off in a jiffy. Target the areas that need the most work like the abs, lower back, legs and arms. Simple exercises like crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts and arm curls with light weights will do the trick. You don’t have to get fancy to get fit.”

Walk it off

Kiss that baby weight goodbye with a daily walk. There’s nothing like walking to get the heart pumping, restore muscle tone, burn calories and get back in shape fast. The best part is that you don’t need any fancy equipment and your baby will enjoy your workouts as much as you.

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Get your groove on

Get your groove on while you ditch those post-baby pounds. Zumba is the latest fitness craze sweeping the nation and it’s no surprise. The exhilarating routines, booty-bumping music and dance party vibe make Zumba feel more like fun than fitness. If signing up for a class is too tricky with your newborn in tow, try the Xbox 360 or Wii versions.

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Ab rehab

Is your postpartum pooch getting you down? Never fear. All it takes is a little ab rehab to get that belly back in shape. Rebuild strength from the inside out with abdominal reconditioning exercises. The award-winning Belly Beautiful Workout by Patricia Friberg will teach you how to correctly reshape your abdominal wall and is safe for all postpartum moms, even those recovering from C-sections.

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Get personal

The celebs all do it, why can’t we? Give your workouts a little extra oomph with help from a trainer who can tailor a program specific to your personal needs. Not only will your trainer encourage you to vary your workouts with cardio, strength training and toning exercises, they will offer helpful nutritional advice for a healthy postpartum weight-loss diet.

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Mommy and me

Not ready to leave your newborn? You don’t have to find a babysitter to tone up with a mommy and me workout. Especially designed with new moms in mind, these postpartum exercise routines will get you moving while you bond with your baby. Itsy Bitsy Yoga, Mamalates and Baby Boot Camp are just a few of the programs offered across the country where new moms can work out with their babies and toddlers. Check out their websites for more information about classes available in your city.

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