Help your kids start a lemonade stand

Is there anything that screams “Summer’s here!” louder than a lemonade stand? We think not. This quintessential summer pastime is a great way for your kids to spend an afternoon — and earn a little coin, too. Check out these easy tips to help your kids start a lemonade stand.


Before you get started, you’ll need some all-important supplies:

  • lemonade/mix
  • pitchers
  • ice
  • cooler (optional)
  • paper cups
  • card table and chairs
  • an over-sized umbrella or access to a shady spot
  • change
  • two to five poster boards and markers

A business plan

A lemonade stand could very well be your child’s first experience with operating his own business — so “strategize” as such. Draft out a plan of what you’ll need (see above), where you’ll set up (see below), and who is responsible for what (i.e. Jenny will make lemonade refills while Johnny restocks the cooler with ice). This “business plan” will help keep everyone organized and on task.

Location, location, location

Pick a nice shady spot in your front yard. If your street doesn’t get much traffic, consider setting up shop at the end of the block. If you live in a very private area that doesn’t get much drive-by traffic, ask a local market if they’d mind if you set up your stand outside.


Have your kids put those poster boards, markers and artistic skills to good use by making a few signs — one for the front of the stand which indicates the product available (hello, lemonade!) and the price. Put the other signs in well-visible spots around your neighborhood (not too far away!) to help drive business your way. Mom, be proactive in helping your kids get a boost to their business by texting your neighborhood parents and close friends to see if they can stop by for a cold one. Lemonade, that is.

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Supply and demand

Help your kids anticipate the amount of lemonade they’ll need to get their business rolling without running out too soon or having tons of lemonade left over. (Though if you end up with leftover lemonade, pour it into ice cube trays or popsicle trays for a great summer treat!)

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Service with a smile

Don’t forget to remind your kids that customer service is No. 1… but so is having fun! Encourage them to be professional and friendly and have a good time. Sure, it may just be a little lemonade stand today, but you never know what could come next… Paper route, maybe? Neighborhood grass-mowing biz or a babysitting gig?

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