"Mom pas" revealed: What's your biggest mommy faux pas?

Jun 12, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. ET

All moms make mistakes — and many of them, you just have to laugh at. We asked moms to share their biggest parenting faux pas.

Getting caught in the act

"I would say my biggest faux pas was getting caught having sex. I thought my 14-year-old daughter was at the movies and I was going to pick her up after. But instead, she walked home and walked in on me. It was pretty embarrassing and it took quite a while for us to recover from that one. Not recommended!" says Kerri Zane, spiritual psychologist and author of It Takes All 5: A Single Mom's Guide to Finding The REAL One.

Dismissing claims of pain

Samuella Becker Maltese, mother of one from New York, says her son, Adam, now 25, but 9 years old at the time of the incident, still won't let her live it down. "We were coming home from a soccer game and ravishingly hungry, my son Adam devoured an entire pepperoni pizza, then proceeded to say that he had stomach pains an hour or so later. Of course you do — you ate that pizza so fast, I recall saying. Well, that pain ended up being appendicitis. Luckily we got to the hospital in time, and into surgery, before the appendix burst!"

Butchering a hair cut... or three

Kim Warren, mother of three from California says she continuously make the same mommy faux pas when she allows herself to believe that she can properly cut her boys' hair. "It seems that every time I reach my absolute breaking point with their shaggy little heads, every single hair-cutting facility within a 50-mile radius is closed. Patience has never been an asset of mine.

"So, rather than waiting for the barber to re-open, we end up locked in the master bathroom. I have visions of standard clean-cut boy haircuts floating through my head, but something always manages to go awry. Every single haircut ends with the same result — me shaving their entire head down, to camouflage a multitude of mistakes. I can't even trim my own bangs so I'm really not sure why I'm always so confident that I can cut their hair... "

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Dropping the F bomb in carpool

With seven children in her SUV for carpool, Karen McGagh, mother of two let the F bomb slip. "In this age of uber-parenting, not swearing in front of my children was something I could put in the win column until that morning," says McGagh.

"I called the other carpool parents to tell them what I had done. I wanted to take responsibility in case anyone got call from school that their child had dropped the F bomb during sharing that day. I’m fairly certain if I had called the other parents and said I’d accidentally brought an open container of lighter fluid in the car they’d be OK with it because they’re grateful I take all seven kids to school in the morning. But there was something else I heard in the voices of the other parents. Laughter and relief. Whatever happened in their house on the way to school that morning was suddenly OK too. No one is perfect and uber-parenting is an impossible standard that’s only making us all a little crazy."

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