Every mom has a uniform… what’s yours?

Every mom has her mom uniform… what’s yours? We asked real moms what they love to wear every day — not necessarily on their best day (when they actually had time to put on makeup and wash their hair!), but their go-to outfit that they can wear from an errand run to a park play date without blinking an eye.

Allison Ellis

Mom to Elizabeth (age 9) and Wilson (age 5)

Allison says that her favorite mom uniform always includes white jeans (between Memorial Day and Labor Day, of course!), a striped shirt, a jean jacket and flat sandals. We love this outfit and what Allison has to say about it.

“It’s appropriate for a woman of my age — without treading into Chicos or Real Housewives territory. [And] now that my kids are no longer smearing their little grimy hands all over my pants, I can finally get away with the white pants,” she says.

Chelsea Bell

Mom to Pearson (age 5) and Harper (age 2)

We know many of you can relate to what Chelsea has to say about her every-day mom uniform! “I normally wear whatever is clean, which is whatever passes the smell test!” Chelsea’s go-to outfit always includes stretchy jeans, a T-shirt, her signature gray hoodies and flip-flops or Toms.

“It’s not trying too hard, but [still] semi-put together,” Chelsea says. She admits that she’s often also rockin’ a sports bra under her mom uniform for making quick outfit changes to rush off to the gym.

Jama Wantz

We’re a teensy bit jealous that this next mom lives in a climate where she can wear cute shorts every day with her mom uniform, but we won’t hold it against her! Jama shares that jean cutoffs, a belt and flip-flops make up her day-to-day outfit (she made that heart shirt herself!). And she also shares her secrets to making it look great, “If all else fails, wear a bracelet and earrings! It looks like you got dressed!”

And, the No. 1 piece of Jama’s mom uniform? Her sunglasses. “For when I am tired and my eyes just won’t wake up and cooperate.”

Katie Kavulla

Mom to Janie (age 7), Meg (age 4) and Everett (age 2)

As for me, my mom uniform happens to include… leggings. It’s true. Usually paired with a V-neck pocket T-shirt (the boyfriend T from Target is my favorite and is only $8!), a long, slim fitted tank top underneath to try to counteract the leggings situation and my stinky old Converse. If it’s raining out, I can switch out the shoes for rainboots easily and oftentimes, I’m wearing a cardigan or a big coral cashmere scarf to top this outfit off.

Sara Willy

Mom to Henry (age 4) and George (age 17 months)

Henry and George’s mom, Sara, admits that her current mom uniform involves these GAP Always Skinny Jeans in this bright lilac color. Add a long tank, a long, cozy sweater, and of course, sunglasses on top of her head, and Sara is out the door. Although Sara has on cute sandals in this picture, she tells us that oftentimes, those are replaced by her favorite clogs… and on chillier days, a pair of cozy legwarmers for the walk to preschool!

Katie Miller

Mom to Kellan (age 2)

Katie shares a tip about her every-day mom uniform that we should all take to heart, no matter what we love to wear while chasing our kids! “When I became a mom, I suddenly realized that I needed to wear one thing that made me feel pretty. Of course there will be days when showers and makeup are skipped, but I’ll have a bright cardigan on and some colorful bracelets that will ‘pretty-fy’ my outfit.” Besides her signature colorful cardigan, Katie can’t live without a pretty tank or cotton blouse, jeans and strappy sandals. “Heels are on hold until my lively 2-year-old slows down,” she tells us.

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