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Cope with your child’s summer allergies on the cheap

You shouldn’t have to choose between saving money and giving your youngster relief from summer allergies. But, with the right savings tips, you can give your children relief without blowing through your bank account. From asking for prescriptions versus over-the-counter to irrigating your child’s nose, uncover five tips from Jeanette Pavini, Emmy award-winning household savings expert about how to cope with your child’s summer allergies on the cheap.

Compare prices

While many children’s summer allergies can be soothed with over-the-counter medicine, your insurance may be a money-saving alternative. Find out which allergy medications your insurance will cover and compare the prices on paying out-of-pocket versus your co-pay when it comes to fighting and soothing what’s making your child sneeze, wheeze or cough.

Go for generic

In addition to many name brand medications that tackle seasonal allergies, many generic versions can help you save even more with a little help from your medical insurance. Many pharmacists will attest to the fact that generics are just as effective as name brands, so ask your doctor for a list of recommendations and compare prices at your pharmacy.

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Ask for free samples

Not all drugs are alike, so when given the opportunity to try before you buy, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on medications that just don’t work for your child. Before investing in a full prescription for your child’s allergy medication, ask your pediatrician for a free sample for your kiddo.

Check for coupons

Whether buying over-the-counter or going prescription, save money by researching discounts on the allergy medication you’re going to buy. Ask your pediatrician for coupons, browse for money-saving offers on the manufacturer’s website or seek out savings on

Wash out your child’s nose

While Neti Pots have a bad rap, nasal irrigation of any kind using distilled, sterile or previously boiled water in the saline solution can help clear out seasonal irritants before they annoy your youngster. In addition, irrigating your kiddo’s snout will also help soothe and moisturize nasal passages already aggravated by summer allergies.

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While these tips can help you cope with your child’s summer allergies on the cheap, the easiest way to save money is to stop allergies before they start. You can use an allergen-reducing air filter, buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter and invest in dust mite covers for pillows and mattresses to keep indoor irritants at bay while reducing the amount of allergy medication your youngster will need in the long run.

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