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5 Ways to tweak your teen’s face

Oh adolescence, what a pain in the rear you are!

Many a mother finds herself reliving the horrific early-morning hours of junior high when her teen wakes to find yet another angry zit on her chin, nose, forehead or all of the above. Here are five methods for treating teenage acne.

Making headlines recently is 19-year-old Cassandra Bankson, a teen from California who’s become a YouTube sensation by posting videos of her acne-riddled skin — and her natural-looking makeup tips for covering the damage. But not every adolescent with skin problems can become a model — and it’s important to try to manage what’s underneath that makeup before you attempt to cover it up.

“Because of constant hormonal changes, teen skin is a moving target! One day their skin can be super oily, the next day dry or a combination of both,” say Monique Richards and Charlene Short, co-founders and co-CEOs of Budhi Skincare, a skin and hair care line specifically formulated for teens. “Teens need gentle and effective products to help their skin get back into balance. They don’t need extra products like toners, scrubs and masks which are unnecessary and can irritate skin.”


Busy teen? No excuses!

Your teens might want clear skin and a boost to their self-confidence, but they may also be pulled in all directions and neglect to keep up with the necessary skin care regimen that healthy skin needs.

SOS Acne Treatment Wipes are great for busy teens involved in sports, extracurricular activities or regular weekend sleepovers who might be tempted to nix their skin care for a day or two.


Life is about balance

One thing your teen needs to learn is that life isn’t always in her control — including the behavior of her skin. “Teenage skin, for the most part, is oilier than adult skin, which is why, at the time of puberty, one has a propensity for forming acne,” says Dr. Michael Gold, dermatologist, dermatologic surgeon, and founder of Gold Skin Care Center. He recommends that teens with acne stay away from oil-based products and makeup and stick with hypoallergenic or noncomedogenic products.

Skin Authority launched the GO! Teen kit as a simple, effective regimen.


The magic formula? There isn’t one

Teens may be tempted to use all manner of acne and skin clearing products in an effort to banish their blemish woes stat. “It’s so important for parents and teens to know that there is no cure for acne, nor is there any magic product that is going to make it go away fast,” say Richards and Short. “Managing acne takes a lot of patience and persistence as well as healthy lifestyle choices like eating healthfully, exercising and getting enough sleep.”

But you can work toward combating teenage acne with the Zimaxa 3-Step Advanced Clear Skin Solution.

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Channel Zen skin

Sometimes it isn’t what’s in a product but what’s not in it that makes all the difference. “No-no ingredients would be fragrance, alcohol, witch hazel, parabens, sulfates, phlatates, dyes and essential oils,” say Richards and Short.

Budhi Skincare Salicylic Acne Pore Treatment is a multi-functional ingredient that helps prevent and reduce acne blemishes.


Attack zits from front to back

“The average female uses 10 to 17 personal care products daily, guys less,” say Richards and Short (think about it — makeup products especially). All that piling on of creams, soaps, shadows and more can do a number on even the healthiest skin. Keep in mind too that we’re not just talking about a teen’s T-zone when discussing acne. Many adolescents experience issues with chest and back breakouts as well.

Opt for a gentle cleanser like Bayberry Naturals Breakout Banisher Face & Body Cleanser for breakouts wherever they happen.

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