Plan a parent getaway

The summer is all about family travel. But when was the last time you and your man had a little solo getaway? We invite you to leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa (you know they love it!) and sneak away for a no-kids-allowed 48-hour vacation.

Travel back in time

Think back to the things you and your hubs used to do prior to having kids. Lounging on the beach all day without worry? Mountain biking in a secluded forest? Plan your mini vacation around the things that bonded you two in the first place… long before your kids bonded you together.

Go beyond the routine

Try something new and exciting like zip lining, or opt for the other end of the spectrum and try relaxing couples’ yoga followed by a couples’ massage. Experiencing something different together will create a new bond and perhaps even spark a hobby or tradition that will keep you connected once you return home.

Don’t go too far

It’s just a weekend away, so don’t waste too much time in transit. Pick a destination you can get to and from — start to finish (including airport waiting time) — in no more than four hours. Even if you’re close to a border, we suggest staying within the country’s limits on such a short trip in case an emergency demands you back in the states ASAP.

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Set some ground rules

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, don’t spend the whole weekend talking about the kids. We’re not saying you can’t talk about them at all. But try to focus your attention on reconnecting with your spouse first.

Ban technology

You’ve only got a few hours together, so don’t waste it checking voicemails/emails, updating Facebook or playing Draw Something. Put the phones on vibrate (but not off in case your kids need to reach you) and focus on each other.

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Set the stage for romance

Regardless of where you spend your 48-hour getaway, be sure to set aside some time between the sheets with your honey — and we don’t mean sleeping! Use this mini-vacay as a time to reconnect and re-ignite that flame that has been put on the back-burner lately thanks to the long days, hectic schedules and sleepless nights ubiquitous to parenthood.

Check in on the little ones

You may get so caught up in the fun of being kid-less for a few brief hours that you may forget to check in. But even if your kids are with Grandma and Grandpa or their favorite sitter, they are probably missing you very much. Check in with their temporary caregivers often, and talk to your kiddos (no matter how young or old) as they will find comfort in hearing your voice… and vice versa.

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