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5 Apps that help keep your kids safe

These days, your mobile phone is more than a telephone; it’s an entertainment device, an MP3 player and most importantly, a valuable tool in your child’s safety. And, since you eventually have to let the leash out — at least a little bit — at least now you can do so without your youngster worrying about you embarrassing him or her (again) with a little help from technology. From the FBI’s Child ID app to the child check-in app iHound, discover five apps that keep your kids safe using your cell phone or tablet.

FBI Child ID App — Free

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has now found a way to help protect your kids quicker with the FBI Child ID App for the iPhone and Android platforms. The app enables you to store and password-protect photos and vital information about your child on your mobile phone or tablet and have it on hand to quickly supply to law enforcement or FBI personnel should your youngster go missing. Get the app >>

Norton Safety Minder — Free

Part of your job as a parent is to be nosey — especially when it boosts your kids’ safety. And, when it comes to your kiddo’s electronic activity, keeping in the know is easier with the right technology. This free child-safety app can be downloaded to your youngster’s Android mobile phone or Kindle Fire device and monitors their smartphone habits. You can view the websites your kids visit, block specific sites or types of sites they access, or upgrade to Premier to see who and what your kids are texting and what apps they install. Get the app >>

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Sex Offender Search — Free

Whether on the go with your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, Life 360 gives you a way to scan the neighborhood you’re in for sex offenders and keeps your kiddos safe from threats. With this free child safety app, you can locate sex offenders, access the criminal’s profiles and photos, and get automatic alerts whether you’re hanging at home or making an impromptu stop at the park while running errands. This app is part of a Life360 account to help you also locate your family’s whereabouts and other safety features. Get the app >>

Family GPS Tracker — Free

Thanks to the power of GPS, you can now keep track of where your family members roam with this free app from Family Safety Production. The Family GPS Tracker gives you your kiddo’s exact location, alerts you when they’re in trouble, and even comes equipped with a check-in feature. You can also spy sex offenders in your area. However, your youngster will have to “accept” being tracked by verifying a text, so trailing your kiddo on the sly is not an option. Get the app >>

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iHound Phone & Family Tracker — $3.99/yr after 7-day Free Trial

While the main purpose of iHound Software is for personal use, its ability to secure and keep track of your mobile phone or tablet and to automatically check into designated locations can also help you keep track of your child. Although it would be nice to assume your kiddo will call you when she “gets there,” you can opt to receive an email when she arrives at school or a friends’ house without the battle over embarrassing her in front of her friends. Get the app >>

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