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Mom Blogger Face-off: Are mocktails appropriate for kids?

Cocktails are for the mamas, does that mean the mocktails are appropriate for kids?

Mom Bloggers Facing-off this Week

Audrey McClelland, mother of four boys and founder of Mom Generations, and her friend Liza Corbo, mother of three boys and founder of Cira’s Lyrics. Between the two of us we have seven boys, ages 7 and under!

The scenario

You’re entertaining some of your friends and their children.

It’s a hot night and you’re grilling, chilling and enjoying some adult cocktails while the kids are playing.

Your cocktails are cool in color and have fun little names attached to them! After all, it’s the summer and entertaining is fun to do.

But what about the kids?

What if you had a tray of mocktails specifically for them laid out that were cool in color and had fun names attached.

Question:  Are mocktails appropriate for kids?

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Audrey McClelland

Mom Generations


I’m 100 percent fine with mocktails for kids. We’ve been to parties before where the host has set a special section up for the kids and has come up with some clever garnishes and names for the drinks for the kids. My sons have always gotten a kick out of it. I know that the concept is that it’s a kid-friendly, alcohol-free version of a cocktail, but I still think it’s fun and really adds some creativity to a “normal” kid drink. I have never seen any of my sons pretend they’re drinking an “adult” drink while having one of their mocktails, which is the only thing I’d be worried about.

My son Henry has his 4th birthday party coming up in two weeks and I was thinking of creating a “Henry” drink combining some juices that he loves — orange and cranberry. I thought it would be a fun way to have drinks at his birthday party. The fun part of mocktails is coming up with different combinations , names and fun ways to present them. I actually remember my mom used to do this at my birthday parties when I was a kid — I just never knew they were called “mocktails.” She would create special drinks and name them all things that had my name in them — “Audrey Allison”, “Audrey Girl”, “Audrey’s Favorite.” Very cute! I just love the idea!

LizaLiza Corbo

Cira’s Lyrics


I really do not think that mocktails are appropriate for kids.

I will never forget being in elementary school and watching the kids down the street from me drinking frozen Bacardi like their mom. Being so young I had no idea it was not the real thing. And one day that mom looked at me horrified when she asked if I wanted one and I responded with, “No, kids aren’t supposed to drink alcohol!” She actually looked at me and said that she puts alcohol in hers but that she would never give her kids alcohol, they just have it without. It never sat right with me.

As an adult I will admit that I totally love my alcohol, but I want a clear line in the sand with what my kids know is OK, or not OK, to drink before they are of age. Mocktails just create confusion in my opinion.

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