Hot or not: Moms wearing bikinis while pregnant?

Jun 4, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Tori Spelling was sporting a hot little bikini this past Memorial Day weekend with her pregnant belly exposed. Would you do the same?

Style icon and mama-to-be Tori Spelling was confidently rocking a skimpy crocheted black monokini this past Memorial Day weekend in L.A. Can you believe this woman has three children 5 and under?!

The photo instantly caused waves throughout the blogosphere. Opinions on Tori's choice of "bathing attire" blew up!

Some thought it was hot!

Some thought it was totally not!

And truthfully, there didn't seem to be much in between.

It got me thinking about my own pregnancies with my four sons. Do pregnant bellies and bikinis mix?

Question — Hot or not: Moms wearing bikinis while pregnant?

Audrey McClelland

Mom Generations


OK, I think she looks hot.

Like hot, hot.

As a mom of four myself, I don't think I could pull off a monokini right now, never mind pregnant!

I give Tori Spelling props for quite literally... putting it all out there. She got a lot of flack for doing so, but I think she's someone who is trying to celebrate pregnancy and embrace the sexiness that one feels (sometimes) with a beautiful pregnant belly. I think it's a sexy suit to wear, and she's probably selling out the designer right now! :)

I don't think I would personally look "hot" wearing a bikini or monokini pregnant, but I'm totally cool and totally fine with people sporting them on the beach. I think there's a confidence that somes with pregnancy that can't be manufactured or faked and it's obvious that Tori is rocking it here in this photo with her husband and baby girl Hattie.

She's also looking super hot in the hair and makeup department!


So I asked some friends what they thought — hot or not? I loved two of my friends answers and I had to share both because they made me smile and truly offer an honest answer.

Katja Presnal

Skimbaco Lifestyle


I'm all about moms showing their beautiful bodies while pregnant, and even wearing bikinis, but I think Tori's monokini goes way overboard and looks trashy. There is nothing wrong about moms being sexy, but I don't think it's appropriate for any mom to look like she just got off the pole when hanging out with her kids.

Tania Reuben

Pure Natural Diva


The monokini is virtually impossible for anyone to wear well. The issue with a monokini and a pregnancy is the belly is perfectly poised to become a lever and expose way more than you bargained for!

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