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9 natural morning sickness fixes that moms swear by

8. Acupressure

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With approval from your doctor, Dr. Ross backs acupuncture and acupressure as easy and safe alternatives to help to beat the woes of morning sickness. “Acupuncture and acupressure use the PC6 pressure points to relieve mild nausea and vomiting,” she says.

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If you don’t have time to book a treatment, acupressure morning sickness bands have been created by a fellow sufferer of morning sickness for just this purpose. Romy Taormina, the mom behind Psi Bands, says, “I suffered from debilitating morning sickness during my pregnancies, and the only thing that helped to relieve that nausea was acupressure wristbands. However, I was dissatisfied with existing products on the market that were drab, not waterproof (so I could not wear them in the shower, or else they would get waterlogged), and they would stretch out (made from elastic) so they wouldn’t stay static on the acupressure point that is clinically proven to relieve the nausea. So I did what mothers of invention do: I created a product, Psi Bands, a medical device/acupressure wristband for the relief of nausea that is drug-free (safe for Mom and baby), waterproof, stylish, adjustable (so no more slipping/sliding) and affordable.” (Psi Bands, $15; available at CVS, Target and Amazon)

9. Treat yourself

When you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, consider this full permission to treat yo’self. (You’ve earned it anyway — growing a baby is hard work.) As a last-resort morning sickness fix, Pope recommends something sweet. “Think of morning sickness like travel sickness. A little cold, fresh air and some sugar can go a long way. Even better, candy that has been in the fridge! I know, I know, not so healthy, but trust me, after four kids and helping so many others, it’s way better than throwing up all the time.”

Dr. Ashe recommends ice chips or frozen beverages, like lemonade and slushie drinks, for those days when you can’t keep anything down.

Keep it in perspective

OK, OK, so maybe none of these natural morning sickness remedies have worked for you, and your doctor says your health is fine. Right now, it all comes down to keeping yourself comfortable and keeping things in perspective — even when you feel like you haven’t eaten a good meal in weeks. “Hold onto the fact that this too shall pass (except for a very tiny percentage of people). Knowing it will end somewhere around 12 to 14 weeks — really, truly will end — makes a person feel a lot better! Or at least tolerate those bouts of nausea better,” Pope says.

Morning sickness remedies
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Originally published May 2012. Updated September 2016.

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