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Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a thing

Forget the tool belt and don’t even think about that tie! This year, grab the kids and your creative juices and give Dad a gift that won’t cost you a thing, but will be invaluable to him.

Read on for our list of creative expressions of love you can help the kids give Dad this year.

Make him a playlist

Dad's playlist - Father's Day gift

Ask the kids to come up with a list of songs that they think Dad will love and help them compile a playlist for his iPod or smartphone. Help the kids purchase songs you are missing, and maybe even make several categories for him (think running, chilling out or office tunes). From tunes that remind them of great times they’ve spent together to songs they love and want to share with Dad, this is a gift he can listen to for years.

Paint a picture

Paint Dad a picture - Father's Day gift

Dad will love nothing more than a piece of artwork created by his child. Whether he hangs it in his man cave or at work, he’ll love being reminded of them each day. The kids can even make it a tradition and give him a painting each Father’s Day that he can add to his collection. You can purchase frames for the pictures and keep each older drawing underneath the latest artwork for memories.

Say thank you

Say thank you - Father's Day gift

Father’s Day is a day to honor Dad so why not help the kids come up with clever ways to thank Dad for the many things he does for them? From writing him a letter or a poem to making him a homemade thank you card, the kids can use their creativity to make Dad feel special. Another cool idea is to write special things on strips of paper, then insert them each into a balloon. Dad pops the balloons to retrieve the “gifts” of thanks.

Gift the day off

Dad relaxing - Father's Day gift

The ultimate gift for Dad is a day where he has to do absolutely nothing. The kids can give Dad a day off from his “Dad duties” and agree to take over his tasks. From yard work to washing the car to cleaning out the garage, the kids will do the work for the day. Meanwhile, Dad gets to kick his feet up and relax. This is especially helpful with tweens and teens, who can complete most of Dad’s work around the house and yard.

Create handmade IOUs

Father's Day IOUsThe kids can create handmade IOU gift certificates that Dad can cash from this Father’s Day until the next. The kids will have fun coming up with the ideas and crafting the certificates and Dad will enjoy collecting his freebies. Bonus points for the most creative ideas, like giving him complete control of the remote for a week, friendly wake-up service on Sunday or personal barista for the weekend.

Make him hunt

Treasure map

The kids will have fun creating a scavenger hunt for Dad. They’ll write clues or plan a treasure map that will send Dad on a journey. When he finds his final clue, the kids can hide his gift — which can be any of the ideas suggested here or something completely different. The older the kids, the more complicated the hunt. For more fun, turn the scavenger hunt into a day-long outing with multiple destinations.

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