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Totes adorbs baby names

Are you looking for a baby name that is totes adorbs — you know, totally adorable? Look no further! Whether you are looking for cute short names, pretty girl names or cool boy names, you will find something for every baby name style.

What makes a baby name totes adorbs? Everyone you ask would probably have a different answer to that, but we think they are baby names that are fun and unique, yet not too “out there.”

Short and sweet baby names

Short baby names are fun and catchy — not to mention they are easy to spell and pronounce. These shorter baby names go great with a longer last name and, as an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about your child’s name being morphed into some weird nickname.

For baby girls, check out these fun and flirty names:

For baby boys, we love these spunky names:

Pretty girl names

These pretty girl names are perfect for your little princess. Floral baby names are a huge trend and always make a great choice for baby girls, as do vintage or old-fashioned names. Virtue baby names, like Charity, describe a characteristic you would like your child to have and are another great choice. If you are expecting a baby girl, check out these pretty girl names:

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Have you noticed the totes adorbs baby names in the Pottery Barn catalogs? We sure have, which is why we did all the hard work for you and gathered up all the great Pottery Barn baby names — check them out here >>

Cool boy names

The following boy names are cool and unique — without being too unusual. Old-fashioned or classic baby names never go out of style, while edgy names, such as Jax, are another great option. You can also consider have your son’s first name start with the same letter as their last name for a cool twist.

Check out our picks of cool boy baby names:

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Baby name trends to watch

On the hunt for more totes adorbs baby names? Thanks to celebrities like Jessica Simpson with her daughter named Maxwell and Rachel Uchitel who named her baby girl Wyatt, gender-bending names are gearing up to be a huge trend.

Don’t count out the influence of pop culture, as names from reality stars and singers also turn out to be the hottest names of the year. For example, the girl name Briella (after Jerseylicious star Briella Calafiore) is one of the fastest climbing girl names of the year, while Brantley (after country singer Brantley Gilbert) is the fastest climbing boy name of the year, according to the Social Security Administration.

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