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Creative outdoor activities for the family

Summer is coming and you know what that means — sun, warmth… did we mention sun? And that also means you and the family can head outdoors for some bonding time. From green-thumbing with the kids to picnic ideas you haven’t thought of, read on for unique outdoor activities for you and your family.

Plant a garden

Give your child a watering can and a pair of gloves and he can help you. Beyond that, if you plant the right items you can work together to incorporate your home-growns into your homegrown recipe: tomatoes and zucchinis are relatively easy to cultivate, but if you want to explore the wilder side, be sure to plant some peppers and jalapenos.

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Channel your inner artist

Grab some sidewalk chalk and create a mural on your driveway. But don’t just let the kids draw out a hopscotch track, make it something special. Challenge your children to color the entire driveway (or even street if you can close it safely). Take an overhead shot with the kids laying on their artwork. A fun way to spend a summer day, and a photo that will capture a great summer memory forever.

Have a picnic

Any picnic for any reason is a great way to spend a summer day. But if you want to add a little spice, consider a late afternoon (read: dusk) picnic within proximity of your closest skyline. There is nothing like picnicking with the ones you love as the sun goes down and the city lights come up. It’s a picnic setting that won’t soon be forgotten.

Have a (digital) scavenger hunt

Your kids love their gadgets (or yours). So why not make the traditional scavenger hunt technology savvy? Grab your smartphones, go on a hunt and spend a summer afternoon searching for the wonderful things nature has to offer. Come up with a list of 10 things that you and your kids have to find. Divide into family teams and agree that you’ll use your cell phones to capture pictures. Gear up not only for some healthy competition, but for a healthy dose of flowers, grasshoppers, butterflies… all subjects for beautiful pictures on a beautiful summer day.

Have a car wash

It never gets old and it never goes out of style. Host a family car wash to remind the kids that there’s still fun to be had while working up a little elbow grease. They’ll have a ball, earn a buck, and best of all… your car will be clean!

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