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Is your unisex baby name more popular for girls or boys?

Unisex baby names or gender-bending names are on the rise, thanks in part to celebrities like Jessica Simpson. Are you wondering if your unisex baby name, such as Taylor or Cameron, is more popular for a boy or girl? We have rounded up the top unisex baby names and ranked them according to if they are a more popular choice for girls or boys.

Have you ever wondered if your favorite unisex baby name is more popular for boys or girls? Unisex baby names are a hot baby name trend among parents looking for a unique baby name.

Many celebrity parents are also picking names that are traditionally thought of as a boy’s name for their daughters, for example Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell and Rachel Uchitel named her daughter Wyatt!

Girls vs. boys: Popularity of unisex names

We have rounded up the top baby names and ranked their popularity for girls and for boys, according to the most recent list from the Social Security Administration:

  • Cameron: The actress Cameron Diaz is one of our favorite actresses, but this name is more popular for boys than girls. It is ranked number 53 for boys — and number 442 for girls!
  • Taylor: This popular name has been made famous by the female singer Taylor Swift, as well as Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, but where does the name rank? It is number 44 for girls — and all the way back at number 337 for boys!
    • Logan: This baby name is ranked 524 for girls and number 20 for boys.
    • Kendall: This name is ranked 123 for girls and 606 for boys.
    • Emerson: More girls are choosing this name, as it is ranked 276 for girls and 387 for boys.
    • Jayden: This is a popular name for boys, ranking number 4 — while the name is ranked 292 for girls.
    • Peyton: This name is ranked number 52 for girls and 166 for boys.
  • Hayden: The actress Hayden Panettiere and Star Wars hunk Hayden Christensen share this name, but where does it rank? It is the 90th most popular name for boys and is ranked at 185 for girls.
  • Jesse: This name is ranked 141 for boys and was ranked number 807 in 2000 for girls, but has since dropped off the top 1000.
    • Quinn: Ranked 188 for girls and number 297 for boys.
    • Reese: This cute name is ranked 133 for girls and 543 for boys.
    • Devin:  This name is ranked 157 for boys and all the way down at 904 for girls.
    • Piper: 110 for girls and not ranked in the top 1000 for boys.
    • Jamie: Girls win! This name is ranked 437 for girls and 801 for boys.
    • Jordan: This name is popular for boys ranking at number 46 and number 146 for girls.

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Celebrity gender-bending baby names

Celebrities are known for their unusual name choices — so we shouldn’t have been too surprised when Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell Drew. The name Maxwell is ranked number 134 for boys and is not ranked in the top 1000 for girls.

Tiger Wood’s ex-mistress, Rachel Uchitel, just gave birth to a baby girl she named Wyatt. This is a popular choice for boys, as it is ranked number 48, however is not ranked for girls.

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane named their daughter Billie, however this unisex name is not ranked in the top 1000 for boys or girls!

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Keep in mind that you can also switch up the spelling of a unisex name to make it more feminine or masculine. For example, Logan for a boy and Logann for a girl or Billy for a boy and Billie for a girl.

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