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Summer activities for all ages

Summer isn’t just for the young — it’s also for the young at heart. These classic summer activities offer something for everyone. Read on to get inspired for an unforgettable summer your whole family will enjoy.

family at water park

Take the plunge

It simply isn’t summer without a family trip to your local water park. Take the whole family for a relaxing ride down a lazy river, or challenge your kids to plunge down the tallest water slide. Little ones will love feeling sprays of cold water from a splash pad, and even your moodiest teenager will enjoy an afternoon siesta in the sun.

The scream team

Whether you travel to a well-known theme park for several days or hit up your local amusement park, there’s nothing like screaming at the top of your lungs on the wildest roller coaster to encourage family bonding. Your cool quotient will hit the roof when you agree to the backwards coaster with your daring tween. Most theme parks also offer a special section of rides built just for toddlers, so they too can share in the experience. Even if the family splits up for certain rides, be sure to meet up for family meals and ice cream breaks.

See the sea

When’s the last time you visited your local aquarium? If it’s been a while, pack up the family for a summertime excursion. Not only is it a cool, refreshing spot on a hot summer day, but the aquarium offers a little something for everyone in your family. Babies will love watching tanks full of brightly-colored fish and creatures, while toddlers will be giddy over any opportunity to hold a starfish or seahorse. Older kids will get a kick out of any shows featuring whales or dolphins, or viewing a tank full of hungry sharks. Last but not least, you too may learn something along the way!

Pack a picnic

A picnic is a perfect summertime activity for both kids and adults. Make your next picnic a family affair, but get everyone involved in the planning. From the menu to the destination, let your family take the reins in preparing the ultimate family day. Don’t forget Frisbees, volleyballs and other pieces of equipment to keep everyone entertained after the food has been devoured.

Road trip

Sometimes we all need a break. So why not pack up the car and hit the road for a few days with the family? Play some fun road-trip games and make plenty of stops along the way. Your history-loving son may get a kick out of stopping at a funky museum on the side of the road, while your fashionista daughter will love a few hours at the outlets. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination when it comes to a family road trip!

I scream, you scream…

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! If you live in a small town or near local shops, gather the whole family after dinner and take a walk to your local ice cream shop. Or create your own family sundae bar in the comfort of your home. Stock up on your family’s favorite ice cream flavors, toppings and cones for a summer activity your whole family can enjoy.

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