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The importance of friends you can count on

The Beatles were partially right when they sang, “We get by with a little help from our friends.” In today’s world, with all the drama, stress and pressure associated with parenthood, careers and relationships, we get by with a lot of help from our friends. A friendship you can count on is one of the most important relationships you can have. Here’s why.

best friends having tea together

Maintain balance in a relationship

As women, it is all too easy for us to become all-consumed with our significant other. When we are in love, we want to be with the other person all the time. That’s normal. What’s not normal is acting on this impulse. After you’ve been a couple for a while, your guy might start to feel smothered if he feels like he’s your sole source of amusement and entertainment. Make hanging with your friends a priority. Start attending the GNOs (Girls’ Night Out) that you may have started to trade out for time with your guy. Married women get this. They know all too well the importance of female bonding. They also know they are going to need their friends when their husband starts to act like a tool. Friends will let you vent, commiserate with you, exchange war stories, pat you on the back and send you home with a new perspective.

Someone who has your back

Sadly, far too many of us are familiar with the importance of a true friend when we’re in crisis mode. Women tend to be verbal processors and when their lives are packed with drama, they just need a caring soul to lean on. Many of us have learned that leaning on men for this is okay, but not as effective because men are programmed to fix things. And we love them for that. But when life gets the best of us or we are wild with anger, we just need someone to hear us out. Best friends are invaluable when it comes to that. Better yet, when you have ongoing drama, they have your back. You may be afraid of alienating your friends with your constant litany of garbage, but you won’t. They know you’re just in a rough place and that it will be their turn someday to lean on you. This certainty is one of the things that makes a friendship one of the most important relationships you have.

Every girl needs a wing-gal

This applies to married or single girls. If you’re married and out with the girls and some blockhead chooses to ignore the ring on your left hand, you’re going to need backup. The married girl’s wing-gal will either look at the guy and tell him to get lost or she’ll duck around the corner and place a mock-emergency phone call to you on your cell phone. The single wing-gal will fall on the grenade and wedge herself between you and your unwanted suitor so you can slip away and strike up conversation with the people you really want to talk to.

When you need a solid

Most of us aren’t a huge fan of asking for favors — even small ones. But then life will throw us a curve ball, leaving us no choice but to ask for help. You have a big interview scheduled and your babysitter backed out. Your car broke down and you need a ride home. You have the stomach flu and you’d give your right arm for some ginger ale. A best friend will strap on her cape and save the day and she’ll do it gladly. Where would we be and how in the world would we do all that we need to do without the love and support of our friends? And why would we even try?

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