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Work-life balance trumps money

We are all striving to find a work-life balance where we can have a career but also have plenty of time for our kids, loved ones and ourselves. When looking for work, job possibilities that allow for a work-life balance are the most desirable.

Working mom with baby

Making time for family

Recently BranchOut surveyed stay-at-home moms who were considering getting back into the workforce. And though a number of factors were important to these moms when looking for a job, the most important was finding a work-life balance.

BranchOut InfographicIt comes as no surprise that moms prioritize a work-life balance so that they can spend ample time with their children and families. Eighty-six percent of those moms surveyed said that in their job search, they look for employment that is conducive to providing a work-life balance, with 42 percent of moms saying that it’s the most important quality.

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Lovin’ it

Moms also want to work at a job where they love what they do — 32 percent of those surveyed said it was the most important, followed by 9 percent saying loving where they work is the most vital.

Show me the money

Perhaps surprisingly, only 7.2 percent of the moms surveyed said compensation was the most important quality when looking for a job. The study indicated that nearly half of moms (44 percent) work because their families are dependent on the income.

Part-time status

Ideally most moms would like to work part time. When asked whether they’d prefer to work full or part time, more than half (55 percent) of moms would choose to work part time at work with 17.2 percent preferring full time at work and 27.5 percent full time at home.

Besides salary, moms planning to return to the workforce were most excited about the ability to interact with adults, practice their chosen craft and achieving a little independence.

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About BranchOut

BranchOut is a networking application that you can access through your Facebook account. With a little help from your Facebook friends, BranchOut helps you locate resources and connections at companies that may be able to help you find a job. You can build your online profile or resume, locate people you know who are using BranchOut and invite others to join. You can search for jobs and companies, or post job listings of your own. It’s a great opportunity for moms (and everyone else) to connect with others and find work.

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