What I’m loving this week: 5 Deal sites for moms

As a mom of four little boys, I’ve become an expert at finding fabulous deals on clothing, toys and gear. I hate paying full price for anything. It’s all about hitting daily deal sites.

Score some crazy deals on these sites!

As a mom of four little boys, I’ve become an expert at finding fabulous deals on clothing, toys and gear. I hate paying full price for anything. It’s all about hitting daily deal sites.

I’m all about saving money.

Being the mom to four sons, I need to make sure I’m a smart shopper.

It’s survival for us as a family.

I can’t be out spending hundreds of dollars on clothes, toys, shoes, accessories and books for the boys. I wish I could, but it’s not something that’s possible. I love my sons to have nice clothes, have handsome shirts and shoes, have the best toys and have a well-stocked “library” in our house, and they do have all these things… but that’s because I know where to shop to get them. It’s become a passion of mine.

I’m a deal shopper, through and through, and I love that many of the places I score deals at are right online. I can shop in my jammies, on the couch with a cup of tea, while watching Idol! There are a ton of destinations online that promise to deliver some amazing deals for moms, but I have to admit, not all of them do. I’ve completely become a pro at knowing where to “surf” around and where to shop. I literally hit up about eight different deal sites every single morning. I have a list in my head as to what I know that the boys need, and I just keep my eyes peeled.

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So what am I loving this week? I wanted to share my five favorite deal sites for moms with you!


Flash sales

Zulily – Zulily is a flash sale site. Every single day they offer new deals for moms that are up to 80 percent off regular retail prices. I’ve been able to get Crocs for my sons for as low as $9.99, which is a huge savings (especially when you’re purchasing four pairs!). You can find everything here for your family — clothing, baby gear, shoes, books, home accessories, even stuff for you! Another added perk, every time someone signs up under your code, and if they purchase something, you get a $15 credit. So you could literally shop for free!


Classified discounts

Lands’ End Canvas Classified – This is one of my best kept secrets! Lands’ End Canvas releases what they call their “classified” section every Saturday morning. There are about 20-30 items that they pop up at a deep discount, but the best part is, every two days they reduce the price even more. It’s almost like a shopping gambling game. Do you dare wait to see if your item is still on sale two or four days later at a better price? I have scored major deals on this site and love recommending it to other moms for themselves or their teens.


Shopping search engine

Froogle – If you don’t know about Froogle, you need to acquaint yourself! It is the best shopping search engine ever! I’m addicted to Froogle. It’s Google’s shopping partner and it’s the best way to search the web for the most affordable items. I was looking for white polo shirts last week for my sons, so I “searched” white polo tees for boys and a ton of options popped up. It allowed me to find the best price in seconds. It’s a shopping lifesaver. You can search anything!


More flash sales

ideeli – This is another flash deal site, too. What I love about ideeli which makes it different from Zulily is that you get more options for mom and home. Not everything is just geared towards children. I love being able to pop on and check out goodies for my sons’ bedrooms and also for my home in general. I’ve found some gorgeous bedding and organizational pieces for the boys on there. Not to mention, I love being able to see if there’s any extra items to score for myself. Shh… !


Deals and steals

Totsy – Totsy is another deal site for moms, much like zulily. It caters towards moms, offering different items every single day for sale. They offer prices that are up to 80 percent off and really do a fabulous job at making sure items are designer brands and well-known. It always amazes me how they can find top-tier brands and offer them at such low prices. I bought a teepee last year over at Totsy for $69.99 marked down from $299.99! Sweet deal for the boys!

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