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Easy-to-spell baby names

Easy-to-spell baby names are a popular choice among parents because they are often easy to pronounce as well. Just because a name is easy to spell, however, doesn’t mean it’s boring! We have rounded up great baby girl names and boy names that are popular, unique and trendy. Ready to get started?

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If you have struggled with people pronouncing or spelling your own name, you know the importance of finding a baby name that is easy to spell. Short names are often easy to spell, however longer names that are considered more traditional (such as Michael or Caroline) are also easy to pronounce and spell.

Easy-to-spell popular baby names

The Social Security Administration just released its list of the most popular baby names of the year. Many of the names at the top of the list are a good choice because they are familiar and are easy to spell.

The most popular baby girl name this year is Sophia, which is a great name — however it does have more than one spelling, such as Sofia. Some better choices in the top five are Isabella, Emma, Olivia and Ava. Check out more easy-to-spell popular baby girl names:

The most popular baby boy name of the year, Jacob, is easy to spell and pronounce. You could also go with another form of the name with Jake. William and Noah are also great boy names in the top five. Jayden is the fourth most popular boy name, however you may run into issues with people spelling it various ways, including Jaydan or Jaydon. Check out more easy-to-spell popular boy names:

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Unique names that are easy to spell

It can get tricky finding a name that is unique, but also easy to spell and pronounce. The trick is to look for shorter names or names that are pronounced like they are spelled.

Cool trendy names that are easy to spell

The Social Security Administration not only gives us the list of the most popular names of the year, but also names that are climbing the charts the fastest. From forgotten traditional names to cool new modern names, we have rounded up some great easy-to-spell baby names that you may not have thought of.

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