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5 Apps to help moms relax

Whether you’re a mom on the go or a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to relax at the end of the day, finding time to unwind is easy with the right apps for your mobile phone or tablet. From virtual flower gardens to yoga rhythms, you’ll find your stress melting away when you download these five apps to help you relax.

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Koi Live Wallpaper Koi Live wallpaper app

Live wallpaper for your mobile phone is like candy to a busy mom — and you don’t even have to share it with your kiddos if you don’t want to! This popular android app is both entertaining and comforting, giving you the serenity of a koi pond without worrying about your youngsters falling in. The water and fish respond to your touch and double tapping the screen will have hungry fish swimming for their food. Kittehface Software also offers a free version of this app which is just as relaxing, but the temptation to change the background, customize koi and toss in soothing droplets of rain is too much to resist, especially at only 99 cents. Get this app >>

Sound to RelaxSounds to relax app

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean when trying to catch up on your slumber while Junior naps? Or, wish you could calm your frazzled nerves after a hectic day? Then turn a stressful day into a tranquil moment with Desenvdroid’s free soothing sounds app. Tune into the sounds of the forest, veg out to the pitter patter of rain drops or relax to the sounds of the rolling ocean waves. The best part about this sound spa app? It’s also great for kiddos who are light sleepers as well. Get this app >>

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Virtual Flower Garden Virtual Flower Garden

This pocket-sized simulated flower garden by Snappy Touch runs $1.99 for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, helping you become one with Mother Nature even when you’re on the go. Simply select a seed packet, water and watch the colorful flora grow as your worry washes away. The effortless bouquets can bloom within a few hours to a few days, and won’t perish if you pay more attention to your kiddos than your flowers. Once your pots of pretty plants have blossomed and you’re feeling refreshed, send your “fresh” bouquet to another mom who could use some help to relax — it’s guaranteed to brighten her day! Get this app >>

Zen Garden Lite Zen Garden lite app

Everyone raves about the tranquil power of a Zen garden, but the perils of little ones and sand is usually a recipe for disaster. However, when you house your Zen garden on your android phone or tablet, all you’ll have to worry about is where to place flowers, rocks and other Zen-like structures. Relax to the peaceful sounds of the two background tracks, or soothe your soul while dragging a “rake” or your finger through the sand. This EasyLivin Apps program is the yin to any busy mom’s yang — without costing you a dime. Get this app >>

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Pocket Yoga pocket yoga app

Running your youngsters from school to soccer practice and more doesn’t have to mean giving up your yoga time thanks to the developers at Rainfrog, LLC. For only $2.99, the Pocket Yoga app can be downloaded to your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone for relaxation on the go. The yoga-anywhere app offers 27 yoga sessions, each with yoga pose descriptions and photos of stances accompanied by detailed voice and visual instructions. You can also log your progress and meditate to your own iPod library. With Pocket Yoga, relaxation is guaranteed, so simply grab your yoga mat and find your center or round up your girlfriends for a mobile yoga session that will cost you less than a private session. Get this app >>

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