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Fit in exercise with a baby in tow

Do you miss your daily exercise routine or do you feel like you need to implement one after having a child? These exercise tips for moms leave you with no excuses! You can still get out, get active and get in shape — even with your baby in tow.

woman with jogging stroller

Fitness with your baby in tow

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom or working mom, there are many ways to fit in a daily exercise routine.

Group exercise for moms and babies

Not only can you fit in your daily dose of exercise and spend time with your baby, you can interact and socialize with other moms, too! Group classes like Stroller Strides are tailored around the needs of moms and babies but keep fitness a priority.

Gyms and studios with childcare

Most gyms offer childcare for an additional monthly cost. Some yoga, pilates and dance studios also offer childcare, so don’t rule those out before checking into them.

When looking at a gym or studio childcare, ask these questions before committing.

  • Is there a sick policy? If so, what is it and how strict are they about it? If you commit to a monthly childcare cost — in addition to your monthly gym membership dues — and your child is constantly getting sick, you end up wasting a bunch of money.
  • Are all the childcare providers CPR certified?
  • What are the childcare hours? Make sure the hours work with your personal schedule.

Quick Tip

Get creative! You can mix up your options to cut down on costs and give your baby — and you — a change of scenery each week.

Walking with your baby

If you have an infant, try scheduling your walk during nap time. If you live within walking distance of your local grocery store, bank, or dry cleaners try walking instead of driving. Sometimes babies prefer the change of scenery and fresh air they get from a walk rather than getting in and out of the car multiple times.

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Invest in a good all-terrain stroller

IMPORTANT! Never run with your infant while he or she is lying in a fully reclined running stroller. Always make sure you have an infant car seat adapter securely attached with your baby secured properly inside the infant car seat.

Walking or jogging is always better with a stroller meant for higher impact strolling. By investing in a good all-terrain stroller, your time outdoors will become more enjoyable for both your child and you.

If you are a runner or plan to run with your baby, you will need a running stroller. Most all-terrain strollers are not built for runners so check before you buy a “jogging stroller.”

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Why your daily exercise is also good for your child

When you get out and exercise with your baby in tow, you’re automatically setting a good example for your child. If you start this routine when your baby is young, he or she will learn to love the stroller, the outdoors and grow up knowing the importance — and routine — of physical activity.

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