Summertime fun for the WAHM

When you have to work it can be hard to remember to have fun too. These ideas will help you fit play into your schedule — and decide what to do.

You are a working mom and you’re an at-home parent. It’s both the most incredible experience and the worst ever, isn’t it? Being a work-at-home-mom can feel like you are being stretched thin and not doing anything particularly well. Change that this summer by ensuring that many of those summer days have fun built in.

Fitting summer fun into your schedule isn’t just about making the kids happy. It’s about keeping yourself sane too. Here’s how to work it in and what to do.


Make time work for you

The key to having fun in the summertime is giving yourself permission to have fun — and making time for it. If you are a freelancer, you have several options for declaring summer hours for your work. By doing so, you open your schedule up. Even if you are an employee, you can use your time to your advantage — use your lunch hour for quick fun (picnics or nature walks!) or shift your hours slightly to give yourself more convenient hours for fun.


Pencil it in

When your schedule is particularly hectic, it’s a challenge to walk away from work in favor of unadulterated fun. You have work to do. There are deadlines to be met. People have expectations of you. Sound about right? Well, summer fun with your kids is something you need to make time for. If you can’t just change your hours to maximize the fun, then make sure to schedule it in. It’s a lot harder to ignore the order for fun when it’s in your calendar.


Research close-by excursions

As a working mom, time is of the essence. So sometimes fitting in the fun means sticking close to home. Look into things to do in your neighborhood, town and area and make a list so that you can easily think of something fun to do when you want to just get away for a little bit.


Look for fun in your backyard

Summer fun doesn’t have to mean leaving home. No, really. There are so many fun things that you can do literally in your own backyard. For instance, drag out the sprinkler and run through it with your kids. They’ll get a huge kick out of you joining the fun.


Make a summer bucket list

Have you made a summer bucket list yet? If not, it’s time. A summer bucket list is basically a list of all the experiences you want to have this summer. It’s kind of like cheat sheet meets no-brainer checklist. Perfect for giving you great ideas when you have some time for fun this summer.

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