Mom Blogger Face-off: Do you wear a bikini to your local pool?

It’s bathing suit time! Do you dare wear that little two-piece bikini at your local pool?

Moms facing off this week

Audrey McClelland, founder of Mom Generations, and her friend Liza Corbo, founder Cira’s Lyrics.

The scenario

It’s almost summer. It’s time for that dreaded bathing suit.

You’ve joined a local pool club.

You happen to know many moms on the pool deck because their kids go to school with your kids.

You have been working out and trying to eat healthy all fall/winter/spring.

You’re feeling good about your body.

But are you feeling good enough for… ahem…

Question:  Do you wear a bikini to your local pool?

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Audrey McClelland

Mom Generations


I cannot believe I’m actually going to say (admit) this, but I have been working out all winter long to be able to wear a bikini this summer. Last summer I was not comfortable exposing my belly at all. I felt like I looked two to three months pregnant every time I tried one on; I just couldn’t do it. There was like a layer of skin that just wouldn’t go away after Henry. It just wouldn’t budge!

It’s funny because a majority of the other moms on the pool deck were wearing them, so I vowed to make sure my body fit into one this summer! I’ve been eating very healthy. I’ve been running. And I’ve been swimming with the boys. I’m ready! I even splurged and bought myself three different bikinis — polka dots, green and a basic black one. I’m actually (dare I say it) excited to sport one this summer.

I want my husband to be proud of me for all the work I’m been doing. I know I’ll be wearing a little cover-up over my bikini, but I will absolutely have it on… and wearing it proud!

Liza Corbo

Cira’s Lyrics


I would not be caught wearing a bikini at my local pool!

I have plenty of bikinis, too… barely worn, stuffed in the back of a drawer… just waiting for all of that ‘baby weight’ to come off.

Can I still call it that? Yeah, I don’t think that I can after almost five years.

After I had my first son I thought for sure I would be back in my bikinis, but 10 months later I was pregnant with twins. Do I need to talk about stretch marks? Oh my God! There is a reason why they make tankinis!

Until I get that tummy tuck/breast augmentation (and who knows what else) someday, I will be “two piecing it” (without any stomach showing) to the pool.

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