Our favorite free Father’s Day e-cards

Scrambling to find a last-minute Father’s Day e-card? Look no further! Here are a few of our favorites, and where to get more.

Dad's favorite Father's Day e-cards

Looking for a last-minute Father’s Day e-card? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these e-cards from five of our favorite websites.

American Greetings

Father's Day e-cards from American Greetings

American Greetings has a bevy of e-cards to choose from. Many are animated with sound and music, and some can even be personalized. One of our favorites is the “Fishing Trip,” where your favorite dad can help a dog go fishing.

There are tons of different kinds — from thoughtful and serious to playful and funny. And if you spaced out and forgot a gift, you can also attach an Amazon gift card to your e-card, making it a truly last-minute Father’s Day special!

They have a free trial for e-cards, or you can purchase a subscription for your sending needs.

Check out what American Greetings has to offer your special dad: americangreetings.com


Father's Day e-cards from someecards

If the dad in your life has a dry sense of humor, check out someecards. These are not meant for the easily offended or those under 18, so be sure to browse their excellent selection when there are no little eyes by your side.

The someecards site features tons of totally free e-cards for every occasion you can think of — and even some you can’t. There are scads available for Father’s Day, and if none of them spark your interest, you can even create your own!

Find the perfect e-card for your funny dad here: someecards.com


JibJab Father's Day e-card

Picture yourself in the perfect e-card with JibJab’s wildly clever video cards that you star in. Every holiday brings a new chance and a new free video e-card, and Father’s Day is no exception.

You only need to have a good photo of you (and your supporting cast) that shows your face clearly, and a forward-facing shot is best. You will be shown how to plot out the lines of your face and crop out the background, which then fits in neatly to the main characters of the video.

It can take a bit of time to get the perfect picture cropped out, but once you’ve got it done, you can save your faces for future use and have fun all year long.

Put yourself into a video e-card here: jibjab.com


Father's Day e-cards from Care2

Care2 has a ton of free, cute and thoughtful e-cards for Father’s Day.

All of the cards are free, and members of the site can even build up credits by sending cards that can be redeemed for charitable gifts that make a difference, such as safe drinking water, supplies for shelter pets and carbon offsets.

There are dozens of cards to choose from, and they can be personalized and sent to your favorite dad or father figure.

Check out their amazing selection here: care2.com


Father's Day e-cards from Punchbowl

These totally customizable e-cards from Punchbowl are unlike anything we have ever seen. They replicate the entire card experience, from customizable envelopes to customizable interiors. Write a personal message, change the stamp and even switch out the lining of the envelope.

You have to have a membership to send a card, and there are plenty of free options, although there are even more choices if you have a paid membership.

You also have the option to include a real gift card too, which makes a very nice touch.

Get started now with these designs: punchbowl.com

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